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Strip Club Visits Contradict Contrived Stereotype Of Fort Hood Shooter

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Just like the 9/11 patsy hijackers, Hasan had a non-Islamic fundamentalist taste for lap dancers and alcohol

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, November 9, 2009

Despite a desperate attempt on behalf of the establishment media to reinforce clichéd stereotypes to prop up the war on terror, by depicting the Fort Hood shooter as a devout Muslim fundamentalist, it turns out that just like the 9/11 pasty hijackers, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had a taste for the very much westernized sins of alcohol and strip clubs.

Ever since last week’s tragedy at Fort Hood, the establishment has been straining at the leash to portray Hasan as a radical jihadist who harbored a hatred for America, a disdain for western culture, and a common ideology with Al-Qaeda, even going so far as to claim that Hasan attempted to contact Al-Qaeda, which wouldn’t be a surprise bearing in mind that Al-Qaeda is little more than the CIA’s Arab legion.

Hasan’s description as a “devout Muslim, and one who had difficulty finding a wife who would wear a head scarf and would pray five times a day,” is contradicted by the revelation that Hasan was a frequent visitor at his local strip club, where he would drink alcohol and pay women to lap dance for him.

“Hasan sat at a table in the back corner of the club, to the left of the stage on which strippers dance around a pole, employees said,” reports Fox News.

“I remembered his face because it was the first lap dance I [gave] to a customer while working here,” said 31-year-old Jennifer Jenner. “When I saw his face [Friday] on TV, I jumped out of bed, I knew it was him.”

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“Jenner said Hasan was dressed casually both nights he came to the club – in jeans and a T-shirt the first night and then wearing a baseball cap the next. She recalled that he arrived at about 6:30 p.m. and stayed until 2 a.m,” according to the report.


Hasan has been characterized as an “Islamic extremist” by all corners of the media since it emerged that he was upset about being deployed to Iraq. He is stereotyped in reports of being “a Muslim first and an American second,” and yet his behavior suggests the opposite.

Hasan’s penchant for strip clubs, which would be seen as complete abomination by fundamentalist Muslims, mirrors exactly the behavior of the 9/11 hijackers in the months before 9/11.

Many of the 9/11 hijackers not only frequented strip clubs and got regularly drunk, but they also purchased pornography, sex toys, gambled, and had sex with prostitutes. This type of behavior is consistent with these men being westernized Arabs who were being paid a lot of money to pose as fundamentalists, when in reality they spent their spare time indulging in activities that real fundamentalists would consider to be sins beyond repentance.

As soon as it became known that the Fort Hood shooter had an “Arab-sounding name,” Hasan’s entire motivation for carrying out the massacre was dutifully “explained” by the media in double-quick time. His characterization as a devout fundamentalist Muslim exacting his own personal jihad was relentlessly pushed by the network news shows.

However, as was also the case with the 7/7 bombing patsies who led westernized lives completely at odds with their portrayal by the media, Hasan’s strip club visits contradict the contrived notion that he was an Islamic fundamentalist seeking to inflict revenge upon the infidels at Fort Hood, since by the nature of his own behavior, Hasan was one of those very infidels.

This article was posted: Monday, November 9, 2009 at 10:19 am

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