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Study Shows 25% of Young Voters Claim PTSD From Trump’s Election

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Louder With Crowder
October 23, 2018

The non-Trump young voters have handled his presidency with the composure of a rabid weasel on crack. There are actual studies which prove it. A new one shows up to a quarter of young adults claim seeing Trumpy in the Oval Office caused them to catch a wicked case of the PTSD.

For serious:

A quarter of millennials found the 2016 so traumatic they now report symptoms of PTSD, according to a new study.

Pause. Not sure current college students are “Millennials” but Generation Z. I know it’s on trend to make fun of Millennial snowflakes, but not all snowflakes are Millennials.


Researchers surveyed Arizona State University students around the time of President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, and found the average stress score to be on par with that of school shooting witnesses.

Twenty-five percent of the 769 students, who were an even mix of genders and races and socioeconomic backgrounds, reported ‘clinically significant’ levels of stress.

Good news is 75% aren’t breathing into paper bags over a free and fair election.

The most severe cases were seen among women, black, and non-white Hispanic students, who were 45 percent more likely to feel distressed by the 2016 run between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Keep in mind, in another few decades, these will be the peeps calling the shots.

I can’t begin to imagine the trauma these youngsters must be going through. Waking up in the middle of the night, heart pounding, soaked in sweat. Unable to catch their breath. Chunk Uygur’s voice in their head, repeating “DOOOHHHHAAGGH Trump beat Hillary!” over and over again. The sinking feeling that accompanies the realization a Republican lives in the White House. Horrific.

These melodramatic packing-peanut minded ninnies embody the worst stereotypes of youngsters. Older folk claim we’re a bunch of over-emotional turdlets who can’t handle the thought of not getting our way. If all they have to go by is images of these squealing soy weaklings, they’re not wrong.

On the bright side, the other 75% of us are not mentally stunted hoodlums who still think coloring books and Play-Doh are groovy. That has to count for something, right?

The immaturity of these “PTSD-havers” is further proof of how the left isn’t emotionally stable enough to run the show. If they think they’ve made a solid case for why the left is superior in these past two years, they need to think again.

This article was posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 5:25 am

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