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Support These 3 Bills … Or Live Like a Slave

Washington’s Blog [1]
July 25, 2013

Unless you are among the one-quarter [2] of Americans who like being a  slave to government surveillance [3]and unnecessary anti-terror laws like the Patriot Act that have gutted our freedom [4], you should call your Congress critters [5] and demand they support Rush Holt’s “Surveillance State Repeal Act” [6].

And Alan Grayson’s “Mind Your Own Business Act [7]” to stop NSA spying.

And unless you enjoy the drastically decreased prosperity caused by the big banks manipulating more and more of our economy [8], you should contact your designated pimp [9] and demand that they support Elizabeth Warren and John McCain’s “21st Century Glass Steagall Act [10]“.

These are the 3 most important bills in Congress right now, as their passage could reverse some of the main ills in our society today.

Please hold your nose and call … even if you’d rather sleep in a hotel infested with lice [11].