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Survey: 78 Percent of Europeans Want Tighter Control of Borders

Breitbart [1]
March 29, 2018

A massive poll covering all 28 European Union (EU) states has revealed an overwhelming concern over illegal immigration with more than three-quarters of EU citizens saying that Europe’s external borders should be better protected.

The sweeping February survey [2] conducted by the Századvég Foundation’s Project 28 sampled one thousand adult citizens from each of the 28 EU countries, and found a remarkable consistency of thought regarding the dangers of unchecked immigration.

What is “most striking” about the survey, wrote [3] the Spectator’s Douglas Murray on March 24, is that “there is such extraordinary unanimity around the question of immigration.”

“While numerous political divides exist within each of the 28 member states, and considerable differences exist between them, only on the matters of migration, borders and security can this not be said,” he observed.

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