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Sweden: Preschool imposes vegetarian menu on students to “save the planet”

Voice Of Europe [1]
October 30, 2019

A school in Sweden has imposed vegetarianism on all of its students in a supposed attempt to help combat climate change. 

The radical policy has been implemented at the Gitarren Preschool in Umeå and represents the first attempt by a municipal school to eliminate meat on the food menus. All meals served at the preschool will be entirely meatless, and students will not be given the choice to opt-out of the program, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports [2].

When the program begins in about two weeks, breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be entirely vegetarian, and those who would like to order meat will not be able to. No exceptions will be made.

Teachers claim that the school has only received positive feedback from parents and children.

Markus Sandström, a teacher at Gitarren Preschool, says: “There have only been positive reactions and many are grateful.”

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