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Swine flu hits Marine base in US

Press TV [1]
Saturday, May 2, 2009

The US has confirmed that three Marines have contracted the deadly swine flu virus, causing military bases in California to come to a standstill.

Two cases of the lethal virus were detected at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California.

A military statement released on Friday said that the two soldiers had been quarantined and others were being monitored at the camp.


The US Marine Corps has however ruled out the possibility of shutting down southern military bases within a short distance of the Mexican border, as they believe the new H1N1 syndrome does not carry a ‘high health risk’ for troops.

A US Navy spokesman said that the army would run its regular schedule without major modifications, downplaying the threat of swine flu. “These are the same general precautions we’ve been taking.”

The fatal disease has caused confusion in military camps and bases around California, with some officials advising soldiers to be on the lookout for any signs of the illness.

Over 150 Americans have contracted the virulent swine flu syndrome and at least one child has been confirmed dead due to the infection.