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Swine flu’s ‘last stand’ as top doctor predicts first wave of virus could be over

UK Daily Mail [1]
Thursday, Sept 10th, 2009

Swine flu could effectively make its last stand in the UK within weeks, the Government’s chief scientific adviser said today.

But Professor John Bennington said a weaker form of the virus could take hold as a second wave hits the country in the winter months.

Research and epidemic modelling suggests a second wave of the virus would be weakened.

‘You can get infections coming back in a number of waves but it’s likely that the next one will be larger than any subsequent ones,’ Prof Bennington told the British Science Festival at the University of Surrey.

Tomorrow, members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Advisory Committee (Spi), which advises the Government on flu pandemics, will meet for a swine flu update.

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