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Swiss Media: Large Protest Of Young Socialists Planned At Bilderberg On Saturday

Steve Watson
Prisonplanet.com [1]
June 9, 2011

The Swiss media [2] is reporting that a large group of protesters from the Swiss Young Socialists party is headed to Bilderberg on Saturday.

Infowars is not affiliated with this group and we are largely unaware of their intentions.

Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on Justin.tv [3]

We would hope that they are a peaceful group of protesters and share a common desire to expose the nefarious agenda of the globalist Bilderberg group.

However it is possible that Alex Jones’ call for protesters to descend [4]on the Suvretta hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland at 12 noon Saturday, could be falsely identified as part of this group’s actions by the mainstream media.

We therefore re-iterate our call for peaceful protesters to join the Infowars team and the members of We Are Change, already stationed outside the hotel.

Another article in the Swiss media [5] states that the conservative Swiss People’s Party is also planning a protest at the Bilderberg meeting on Saturday.