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SXSW 2009: New World Order

IFC [1]
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IFC News’ Matt Singer interviews co-directors Andrew Neel & Luke Meyer and subject Alex Jones about their new film titled, “New World Order”.

IFC’s new documentary takes a look inside the world of conspiracy theorists. New World Order premieres April 16th on IFC Free On Demand and May 26th on IFC.

Jim Tucker and his team of documentary filmmakers search for the Bilderberg Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Luke Rudowski promotes the Alex Jones documentary “Endgame” at Ground Zero.

In this clip Alex Jones tests the shot and the theory behind the assassination of JFK.


New World Order documentary subject Alex Jones shares his views with IFC News and the streets of Austin.

Alex Jones, world renowned conspiracy theorist and star of the new IFC documentary “New World Order,” explains the conspiracies inherent in six seemingly innocuous everyday objects.

Trailer for the new documentary from IFC Films.