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Syria suffers more mass defections as top army officers defy Assad and arrive in Turkey with their families

UK Daily Mail [1]
June 25, 2012

A host of top Syrian army officers have defected from brutal President Bashar Assad’s forces and arrived in Turkey.

A general, two colonels, two majors, one lieutenant and 33 soldiers have turned up, with their families, Turkish state television has said.

A total of 224 individuals are seeking asylum in the neighbouring country, also reported by private news channel CNN Turk.

They are being hosted at a refugee camp near the border. It follows the defection of four high-placed Syrian military officials – two brigadier-generals and two colonels who are all brothers – on Saturday.

And on Thursday a MiG fighter pilot, the first aircraft defection, flew to Jordan and was given political asylum.

Thousands of soldiers have abandoned the regime, but most are low-level conscripts. The Free Syria Army – the loosely linked group of rebel forces – is made up largely of defectors.

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