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Syrian opposition plans to set up “unified army”

Xinhua [1]
August 13, 2013

The opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said here Tuesday the circumstances and conditions are convenient now for the establishment of a “Unified National Army” inside Syria.

The SNC, Syria’s opposition umbrella group in exile, said that entrance of Hezbollah militias into the Syrian conflict has changed the balance of power in Syria.

The Syrian opposition has been accusing the Lebanese militant group of fighting alongside the Syrian government troops.

“The circumstances are up to date now and the SNC has finally able to discuss the details and will choose the right name for the top of the army,” SNC media office head Khalid Saleh said at a press conference in Istanbul.

“However, the establishment of the army requires tremendous amount of financial support,” Saleh said, adding that head of the SNA, Ahmed al-Jarba, is taking this issue to different countries he visits.

Syrian opposition activists, including SNC members, have drawn up a roadmap to achieve national reconciliation and justice for ” all of Syria’s victims,” a statement said Tuesday.

The roadmap demands disarming and restructuring the Syrian security forces to uproot “corrupt officials,” and even lays out plans for the country’s political system after the fall of the current administration, calling for a “hybrid presidential/ parliamentary system.”

The group behind the proposals, Syrian Expert House, includes some 300 activists, lawyers, and members of the SNC and the opposition Syrian National Council.