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Prison Planet.com | Legendary author, lecturer and radio host Jordan Maxwell emerged from relative seclusion to grant an exclusive interview.

Prison Planet.com | Six weeks left to enter contest with a $10,000 cash prize.

The Dallas Observer | Police presence meant to prevent anyone from straying from the official story.

Prison Planet.com | Sheriff’s spokesperson completely distorts the truth.

Prison Planet.com | Staff action report and footage of censorship and violence surrounding the anniversary of a political assassination.

Adan Salazar | Alex Jones to lead demonstrations against censorship of First Amendment in Dallas.

Prison Planet.com | Video contest with a $10,000 cash prize is now underway.

Prison Planet.com One cash prize winner of $10,000.

Anthony Gucciardi | Anti-gun organization calling for complete ban on assault weapons generates a turnout of virtually zero.

Prison Planet.com | Alex’s full speech while carrying a rifle on the steps of the sacred shrine of liberty.

Adan Salazar | Texans draw their line in the sand.

Adan Salazar | Maddow selectively edits clip to demonize peaceful activism.

Julie Wilson | “Playing politics with veterans pay and benefits it not an option.”

Julie Wilson | Vets, “End the shutdown now.”

Julie Wilson | Park police now patrolling the canyon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Julie Wilson | Whistle-blower calls out government in Facebook posts, gets threatened by the DOJ.

Kit Daniels | Unprecedented explosion of resistance in the wake of alternative media.

Julie Wilson | “The most unbelievable of all the wild conspiracy theories is the one our government has told us.”

Infowars.com | Infowars is pleased to report that police abstained from harassing protesters this time around.

Prison Planet.com | Obama Truth Squad out in full force in the Show-Me-State.

Julie Wilson | Arrested 14-year old says, “I have a right to peacefully protest my government.”

Prison Planet.com | The $10,000 second place winner of Operation Paul Revere is…

Prison Planet.com | Coalition says United States is bound to U.N. “international treaties” and “international law.”

Julie Wilson and Alex Jones | Feds, contractors and police prepared to carry out death squad operations.

Infowars.com | Contestants are the militia in the Info War.

Prison Planet.com | Satirical petitioner wages war against free speech while wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt.

Prison Planet.com | Watch Alex’s inspirational Fringe Festival speech in its entirety.

Prison Planet.com | Filmmaker depicts the construction of a massive police state over the span of a few years.

independent.co.uk | The incongruity of the woman at the centre of the image is striking.

Prison Planet.com | Blow-by-blow updates and streaming video content as the globalist cabal convenes.

Prison Planet.com | This is the peaceful revolution of exposure against Bilderberg 2013. The people will no longer be pushed around.

Prison Planet.com | Coming to the Infowar this June, new episodes of Brothers in Arms and more!

Steve Watson | Corporate ownership of human genes controversy declared “commercially deceptive content” .

Jurriaan Maessen | The mayor would be wise to consider signing up for a crash-course on how not to escalate an event before it even takes place.

Prison Planet.com | Political groups inappropriately flagged for additional reviews during 2012 election.

Prison Planet.com | Tonight’s Infowars Nightly News features the worldwide premiere of our groundbreaking interview with rap artist Professor Griff.

Prison Planet.com | Adam Kokesh stresses, “This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Firebrand radio host plans to attend protest, but will UK government let him in?

Paul Joseph Watson | Hacktivists expose media’s refusal to report on private operatives at Boston bombings.

Prison Planet.com | The New World Order lives, we sleep. It’s time to wake up and get outside the rat maze.

Infowars.com | Smashing Pumpkins founder examines the transformative power of alternative media towards a total paradigm shift.

Prison Planet.com | Communism is the number one killer in history!

PrisonPlanet.com | In the spirit of protest and in efforts to retain the Second Amendment a nationwide “Day of Resistance” has been organized for Saturday, February 23,

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones predicted police would burn Chris Dorner alive.

Kurt Nimmo | Is it possible author and researcher Philip Marshall knew something the government did not want told?

Paul Joseph Watson | Second amendment activists protest against CNN host.

Infowars.com | $115,000 video contest announced.

Prison Planet.com | Dwight Yoakam tells Piers Morgan the Second Amendment is to defend us from a tyrannical government.

Steve Watson | Miami man pushed down escalator, violently choked for standing up for his rights.

Steve Watson | Yes We Can… kick you off stage.

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