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big brother

Prison Planet.com | Wash. school district scanned students’ palms without parents’ prior consent.

Prison Planet.com | “Gunshot detectors” in classrooms surpass Big Brother in 1984 and the real East German Stasi.

Adan Salazar | The answer may unfortunately be a resounding “Yes.”

Adan Salazar | Madsen’s report breaking US spying on Europe killed by Guardian.

Prison Planet.com | In-Q-Tel made “strategic investment” into software company involved in Obamacare enrollment.

Adan Salazar | Blogger harassed by government for speaking about public documents.

Adan Salazar | TSA’s ‘Administrative Record’ admits ineffective security theater.

Kit Daniels | Security officers confiscate cameras.

Adan Salazar | …but don’t worry, they’re not doing it anymore.

Prison Planet.com | Footage streamed live in Utah.

Prison Planet.com | “A partial shutdown of a ridiculously bloated federal government is oddly ironic,” says James Woods.

Julie Wilson | Users vacate Facebook over serious privacy concerns.

Spiegel | Agency can even extract contact lists and notes.

Julie Wilson | Government says they request Facebook data for both criminal investigations and national security matters.

Julie Wilson | Government offered millions to tech companies in exchange for unlimited consumer data access.

Adan Salazar | Footage captured “attractive” females changing clothing and urinating.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘Big government helps protect our rights’.

Prison Planet.com | In 40-foot high watch towers, police officers are practically prison guards over population.

The Guardian | The gov’t has repeatedly mislead the public on domestic spying.

Press TV | The FBI spokesman said the agency has the legal authority to use alternate methods to collect Internet metadata.

presstv.ir | So-called Domain Awareness Center would consolidate a vast network of surveillance data.

Dan Weil | “You’ve gotten some people killed probably, no matter what your motives were.”

Fox News | ‘[The FBI] hires people who have hacking skill, and they purchase tools that are capable of doing these things.’

AFP | Due to NSA spygate, Germany says it’s cancelling surveillance accords dating from the late 1960s with the United States and Britain.

RT | Snowden finally leaves transit zone of airport where he had been staying since June.

Radio Free Europe | The time and place of the alert can be matched to closed-circuit TV in stations.

Julie Wilson and Alex Jones | Feds, contractors and police prepared to carry out death squad operations.

Prison Planet.com | Family’s wiretapping fears and Michael Hastings’ death showcase the omnipresence of unconstitutional abuses.

Kurt Nimmo | Large technology corporations instrumental in building control grid.

Prison Planet.com | Bush shows contempt for Americans’ civil liberties and concerns.

Steve Watson | Obama going after Snowden “To Intimidate Future Whistle Blowers”.

Steve Watson | Journalist who broke Snowden story calls mainstream attackers “royal courtiers”, “servants to political power”.

Steve Watson | Extradition process and justice system are too slow for would-be presidential candidate.

Paul Joseph Watson | Lawmakers refused to provide oversight of controversial program nine years ago.

Steve Watson | Obama administration will again be forced to address NSA spying revelations.

Prison Planet.com | Paul says gov’t is to protect our liberties, not keep us safe.

Steve Watson | Google’s denials of involvement with NSA are unbelievable.

Prison Planet.com | NSA could use cyber warfare to fuel mass hysteria.

Steve Watson | Former Congressman says NSA hearings were a total sham.

Steve Watson | “In simple terms, a line has been crossed”.

Adan Salazar | NFL claims Boston Marathon bombing partly inspired the move.

Steve Watson | Rep. who supported terrorists calls for jailing reporters in America.

Kurt Nimmo | Staggering number support NSA surveillance and loss of individual freedom.

guardian.co.uk | Top secret PRISM program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Facebook and Apple.

cbslocal.com | Border agents should not only scan but also copy electronic devices, according to DHS.

wsj.com | Obama defends death of Fourth Amendment.

Prison Planet.com | Blow-by-blow updates and streaming video content as the globalist cabal convenes.

GiGi Erneta | Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being collected out of an already cash strapped European public.

GiGi Erneta | How does anyone build a healthy relationship with a bully?

Steve Watson | Argues that “Hate speech” definition threshold should be set much lower.

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