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Prison Planet.com | Slowly but surely, after Infowars started the ball rolling Monday, the mainstream media has followed suit.

Steve Watson | Taxpayer will foot the bill for George Osborne’s expenses at secret meeting.

Steve Watson | Taxpayers likely to foot half the bill for secret meeting.

Prison Planet.com | Watch Alex’s inspirational Fringe Festival speech in its entirety.

London Telegraph | Clarke told the Commons that he had “forgotten” that the controversial gatherings were paid for from funds raised by the group.

Steve Watson | Elite Group members realising that increased exposure means they can no longer hide.

Paul Joseph Watson | Unprecedented insight opens up conflict of interest charges.

Paul Joseph Watson | Michael Meacher wants to know what was decided during secret confab.

guardian.co.uk | Bilderberg delegates use Daily Mail newspaper with child porn headline to shield their identities.

Paul Joseph Watson | Former CIA director helping to bolster same surveillance system that brought him down

Daily Mail | List of 140 politicians, academics and businessmen only includes 14 women.

Prison Planet.com | Alex and company take heat from boat police as he bullhorns the Bilderberg group.

Steve Watson | Shell/BP deal would be biggest corporate deal ever.

Donna Anderson | The American people have a right to know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Prison Planet.com | BBC reporter admitted her job was to “provoke” Alex Jones.

Paul Joseph Watson | Secretive group faces internal pressure to lift veil of secrecy.

Kurt Nimmo | Attention on outrageous bankster financial scandals may produce Bilderberg transparency.

Prison Planet.com | Alex hits the streets of London in preparation for Bilderberg 2013.

Ellen Grace Jones | Do you Bilderberg? Or rather, do you know Bilderberg? Nope?

Alex Newman | Of course, Bilderberg leaders try to frame the annual gathering as simply a forum to discuss global issues in private.

Prison Planet.com | A day ahead of Bilderberg’s official start, police appear to be asking residents of Watford to identify themselves.

Jurriaan Maessen | British diplomat tells reporter Bilderberg’s veil of secrecy not only applies to the outside world, but also extends to those invited to participate.

Prison Planet.com | Bilderberger Henry Kissinger – “defender of freedom and democracy” or lying war criminal?

Steve Watson | Police regard confab as potential “terrorist” target.

Prison Planet.com | Talk radio host Michael Savage explains why the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, England is a big deal.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ring of steel being erected around site of elitist confab as terror lock down goes into effect.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones discusses the Bilderberg Group’s agenda as he reflects on the transhumanist art which populates the grounds of the Grove Hotel.

London Guardian | Heads of big tax-avoiding firms set to attend secretive group’s four-day summit being held near Watford.

Prison Planet.com | A ring of steel is being erected around the Grove, site of Bilderberg 2013.

Infowars.com | Skelton and Keiser discuss what to expect now that Alex Jones has landed in London.

Prison Planet.com | Alex and Mike Adams speak with David Icke regarding the upcoming Bilderberg meeting.

IBT | Regular Bilderberg follower Charlie Skelton says he expects this year’s conference to attract more attention than ever.

CBC News | Brad Wall keen to pick Henry Kissinger’s brain on China.

Steve Watson | Both government and opposition heads of finance to participate in secretive confab.

Prison Planet.com | Blow-by-blow updates and streaming video content as the globalist cabal convenes.

Infowars.com | Invitees and agenda of talking points released.

Steve Watson | “Shambolic, unforgivable, disgraceful”.

Prison Planet.com | A walk through the Grove, site of Bilderberg 2013, including conference rooms where elitists will meet.

Jurriaan Maessen | The mayor would be wise to consider signing up for a crash-course on how not to escalate an event before it even takes place.

Steve Watson | Clinton accepts ‘Distinguished Leadership Award’ and Lauds ‘liberal global order’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Document says secretive group was involved in “strategy of tension”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Alfonso Luigi Marra charges secretive organization colluded to pick Mario Monti as Prime Minister.

Infowars | And don’t destroy the liberty movement you helped build either.

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