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Kit Daniels | Lt. Col. Robert Bateman wants you to turn in your guns.

Mediaite | One expert testified that the consequences of the president’s behavior were potentially grave.

Kit Daniels | Wash. school district scanned students’ palms without parents’ prior consent.

Kit Daniels | Municipalities violate state laws and their own city charters with anti-gun ordinances.

Kurt Nimmo | Congress and the states now free to impose burdensome taxation and squash small business on the web.

Mikael Thalen | Park ranger demanded church group leave for violating an alleged city ordinance.

Kit Daniels | Gun confiscations begin in New York, aided by existing firearms registry.

Prison Planet.com | Six weeks left to enter contest with a $10,000 cash prize.

The Dallas Observer | Police presence meant to prevent anyone from straying from the official story.

InvestmentWatchBlog | If Obama got away with all this, why not go for it all?

Kit Daniels | Sheriff’s spokesperson completely distorts the truth.

Kit Daniels | Staff action report and footage of censorship and violence surrounding the anniversary of a political assassination.

Kit Daniels | Police violently shoved demonstrators back one city block.

Steve Watson | Americans are looking for “someone like myself”.

Adan Salazar | Alex Jones to lead demonstrations against censorship of First Amendment in Dallas.

Kit Daniels | Prof. Penrose teaches students in her Constitutional law course that Bill of Rights is outdated.

Kit Daniels | Americans overwhelm bank’s planned Q&A session with real questions.

Kit Daniels | “Gunshot detectors” in classrooms surpass Big Brother in 1984 and the real East German Stasi.

Kit Daniels | Organizing For Action refers to proposed late-term abortion ban as latest in “anti-women strategy.”

Kit Daniels | Service members given litmus tests designed to purge officers who place the Constitution above Obama.

Kit Daniels | Agency now has more resources to arm airport screeners.

Kurt Nimmo | Over next fews days, sizable amount of media coverage will be dedicated to patriot-terrorist narrative.

Prison Planet.com | Jury nullifies false arrest of Nick Finch who supported Second Amendment.

Kit Daniels | UNESCO won’t grant Alamo “World Heritage” status without property restrictions in “buffer zone.”

Kit Daniels | Officer is excused for shooting boy seven times.

Kit Daniels | UN flag may fly above shrine of liberty if designated as a World Heritage Site.

Adan Salazar | Virginia Gov. candidate and Clinton pal McAuliffe’s former company tied to possible “green-card-for-sale” scam.

Infowars.com | New name speaks volumes about the beltway elite.

Infowars.com | “This isn’t freedom,” Captain America says. “This is fear.”

Kit Daniels | U.S. Army MP told Constitution may be suspended by Homeland Security.

Kit Daniels | Education Department has spent over $100K in handguns and shotguns.

Kit Daniels | In-Q-Tel made “strategic investment” into software company involved in Obamacare enrollment.

Kurt Nimmo | Big government projects fail because real world business dynamics are absent.

Kit Daniels | Special investigations unit found basketball shoes in officer’s house.

Kit Daniels | The document Obama doesn’t want you to see is available here.

Adan Salazar | Judge says she “willfully and contemptuously appeared for jury service with her child.”

Kit Daniels | Rally turns the Alamo into the safest place in America.

Infowars.com | Alex’s full speech while carrying a rifle on the steps of the sacred shrine of liberty.

Prison Planet.com | Building does not follow “law” of physics as observed on 9/11.

Washington’s Blog | Key Architect of Counter-Terrorism Policies to Become Homeland Chief.

Kit Daniels | Device found near intersection of Market and Fourth Street.

Julie Wilson | Soldiers receive “riot control” training.

Julie Wilson | “They actually reiterated to me they knew he was non-violent.”

Kit Daniels | Americans will be caught in the middle between rioters and the police state.

Julie Wilson | “Playing politics with veterans pay and benefits it not an option.”

Julie Wilson | Vets, “End the shutdown now.”

Adan Salazar | The NFL, NBC and Bob Costas want to let you know you’re a racist.

Kit Daniels | WWII veterans rammed with batons as they protest peacefully.

Kit Daniels | War veterans remind Americans how to resist tyranny.

Adan Salazar | Only 18% satisfied with the way the nation is being run.

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