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Adan Salazar | Seattle songwriter blissfully unaware that gun-free zones are ideal targets for potential mass murders.

Al Jazeera America | Pakistan says strikes violate its sovereignty.

Julie Wilson | For 12 years strong, US running “counterinsurgency air force” for allies.

Kurt Nimmo | More evidence CIA is arming its al-Qaeda proxy in Syria with deadly munitions.

BBC.co.uk | Pledges to end drone strikes against militants “very, very soon.”

Beta Beat | The freelance photographer equipped himself with the latest technology and launched a remote-controlled drone from in front of Tina Turner’s estate.

Ron Paul | Five countries attacked since 9/11.

nbcnews.com | Former drone pilot troubled by the physical disconnect and dehumanization of drones.

Steve Watson | Legislation pending in 31 other states.

Steve Watson | Due process is not looking at “Flash Cards and a Power Point Presentation”.

Steve Watson | “Here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal”.

Adan Salazar | Morgan makes a near 180, declares American government “vaguely tyrannical.”

Want China Times | Set to be used by the PLA Air Force and Navy Air Force for combat missions, but also for tracking and reconnaissance purposes.

Steve Watson | Legislation pending in 31 other states.

Steve Watson | Klein supports democide but says you are “paranoid” if you question government.

Paul Joseph Watson | DHS claims technology will not be used for “nefarious” purposes.

Steve Watson | Rep. introduces privacy bill aimed at government spy drones.

Paul Joseph Watson | UAV mimics how an eagle grabs its prey.

Paul Joseph Watson | UAV reported within 3 miles of LaGuardia Airport.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Engaged in combat” could mean being an associate of an associate of a terrorist.

Steve Watson | Privacy group petitioning government on drone capability to identify armed individuals, intercept cell phones.

Steve Watson | Dystopian panopticon becoming the norm.

Steve Watson | Survey finds more Americans now believe UAVs unconstitutional.

Steve Watson | Program has remained secret for seven years.

Paul Joseph Watson | Promotional material for Shadowhawk depicts firearm transaction as criminal activity.

Paul Joseph Watson | Applewhite admits UAVs have been used for “indiscriminate killings”.

Steve Watson | Government agencies, law enforcement officials angry at backlash.

Paul Joseph Watson | More incarnations of spy technology to undergo testing.

Steve Watson | Senator: “If there’s a line of traffic coming out of a camp and we think that is populated by people who don’t like America — we bomb them”.

Steve Watson | Drone industry representatives claim unmanned spy craft saved lives.

Paul Joseph Watson | Erroneous newspaper report prompts outrage.

Steve Watson | Backlash against spy craft exploding nationwide.

Steve Watson | Lawmaker fights against law enforcement use of spy craft.

Steve Watson | Activists want to see legislation at Federal level.

Steve Watson | Activists warn public is being categorized as “low-grade enemy”.

Steve Watson | Some Americans don’t want their kids playing ‘rain down death on the brown children’.

Steve Watson | Visualizing the illegal drone bombardment.

Steve Watson | Former RAND head: Americans will not care.

Steve Watson | Does not comment on roaming VIPR agents.

Paul Joseph Watson | TSA VIPR team keeps tabs on fans.

Steve Watson | Merry Christmas Yemen: US uses cover of holiday to rain down missiles.

Steve Watson | White House Won’t Acknowledge Program Even Exists.

PrisonPlanet.com | Protesting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles over American skies.

Melissa Melton | Sixty member House “Drone Caucus” took millions in contributions, pushed for expanded domestic drone use.

Steve Watson | A bill introduced by Florida State Sen. Joe Negron would severely limit the use of unmanned flying surveillance drones by police and other law enforcement agencies.

Steve Watson | DARPA flying Reaper drones that surveil entire cities in real time.

Steve Watson | Tiny craft could be deployed by police into buildings, homes.

Steve Watson | Last minute protests prevent drone purchase.

Paul Joseph Watson | Agency is greasing the skids for authorities to gather private information on regular Americans.

Kurt Nimmo | Democrats and Republicans agree to further hobble wealth production.

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