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Adan Salazar | Pro-Obamacare NFL launches war on Second Amendment.

Prison Planet.com | “This isn’t freedom,” Captain America says. “This is fear.”

Julie Wilson | “I just assumed that it meant the bathrooms were closed, not that I would be breaking the law.”

Adan Salazar | The NFL, NBC and Bob Costas want to let you know you’re a racist.

Julie Wilson | Kids playing tag, bad – police opening fire in public, good.

Julie Wilson | “While I love a good critique of wealth accumulation and inequity, this song is not one; in fact, it is deeply racist.”

Julie Wilson | Park police now patrolling the canyon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Julie Wilson | 50 percent of the dating website’s new subscribers are single moms.

Prison Planet.com | “A partial shutdown of a ridiculously bloated federal government is oddly ironic,” says James Woods.

Julie Wilson |The small business owner lost over $50,000 after the City of Austin shutdown his water access.

Julie Wilson | “Do you think people do things only because the government tells them to do it?”

Prison Planet.com | Gaming community is exploding with comments about secret society references in video game released yesterday.

Jon Rappoport | A museum show of celebrity photographs would be meaningless if you hadn’t been “prepped.”

Infowars.com | Futuristic computer program arranges subconscious thoughts to form patterns.

Prison Planet.com | What would it take to unite the entire world?

Prison Planet.com | Satirical petitioner wages war against free speech while wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt.

Adan Salazar | Magazine article literally asks, “Do you have what it takes to pull the trigger on a fellow citizen?”

Paul Joseph Watson | Singer told to undergo counseling over ‘conspiracy theory’ that music industry strangles real talent.

Prison Planet.com | The Fox network has pulled an episode of Family Guy, despite the media still persisting with the claim that the episode was a “hoax”.

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson | Hypocritical gun-control ballad from man who previously said “I wouldn’t be the nigga that I am if I didn’t pop niggas in their mouth”

Paul Joseph Watson | Celebrity couple provoke outrage from Christians.

Paul Joseph Watson | Communist Party now holds sway over American audiences.

Paul Joseph Watson | Zero Dark Thirty wins no major awards.

Paul Joseph Watson | Heel character gets “fan mail” from Alex Jones, Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh.

Adan Salazar | Cellist labeled damage his bow sustained “an act of brutal and careless behavior.”

Steve Watson | Bruce Willis: ‘Diluting gun rights, dilutes Bill Of Rights’; Chris Rock: ‘Obama is our Dad, so do what he says’.

Prison Planet.com | Dwight Yoakam tells Piers Morgan the Second Amendment is to defend us from a tyrannical government.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones rips apart upcoming zombie flick revealing a story about the end of America and the beginning of UN global rule.

Aaron Dykes | The fast approaching December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar has been hyped as an apocalyptic conclusion to life as we know it.

Prisonplanet.com | Alex Jones calls for a boycott of the NFL, NBC and host Bob Costas after they scapegoated the Right to Bear Arms over athlete’s murder-suicide tragedy.

Donna Anderson | Move over Barbie and Betsy Wetsy, there’s a new doll in town.

Infowars | Everybody knows that the system is gamed, that everything is corrupt, up one way and down the other.

Infowars.com | Tomorrow, we’ll air a special satirical expose on the thriving mainstream media zombie culture.

Paul Joseph Watson | Giants fans cause mayhem after World Series victory.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | The system’s war against consciousness.

Kurt Nimmo | Donnie Brasco of the patriot movement.

Alex Jones | Our so-called government has admitted to carrying out the murder of thousands of people in covert false flag operations.

Alex Jones | Governments throughout history have been caught staging terror events.

Aaron Dykes | Alex Jones’ review has been blocked inside the United States on copyright claims filed by Warner Bros.

The Truth About the 'ISIS Bride' See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

Jussie Smollett is a Complete Idiot See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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