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government corruption

Mediaite | One expert testified that the consequences of the president’s behavior were potentially grave.

Prison Planet.com | Municipalities violate state laws and their own city charters with anti-gun ordinances.

Prison Planet.com | Legendary author, lecturer and radio host Jordan Maxwell emerged from relative seclusion to grant an exclusive interview.

Prison Planet.com | Gun confiscations begin in New York, aided by existing firearms registry.

InvestmentWatchBlog | If Obama got away with all this, why not go for it all?

Prison Planet.com | Sheriff’s spokesperson completely distorts the truth.

Prison Planet.com | Staff action report and footage of censorship and violence surrounding the anniversary of a political assassination.

Steve Watson | Americans are looking for “someone like myself”.

Adan Salazar | Alex Jones to lead demonstrations against censorship of First Amendment in Dallas.

Adan Salazar | The answer may unfortunately be a resounding “Yes.”

Prison Planet.com | Service members given litmus tests designed to purge officers who place the Constitution above Obama.

Prison Planet.com | Agency now has more resources to arm airport screeners.

Prison Planet.com | UNESCO won’t grant Alamo “World Heritage” status without property restrictions in “buffer zone.”

Prison Planet.com | UN flag may fly above shrine of liberty if designated as a World Heritage Site.

Adan Salazar | Virginia Gov. candidate and Clinton pal McAuliffe’s former company tied to possible “green-card-for-sale” scam.

Prison Planet.com | “This isn’t freedom,” Captain America says. “This is fear.”

Prison Planet.com | U.S. Army MP told Constitution may be suspended by Homeland Security.

Prison Planet.com | Education Department has spent over $100K in handguns and shotguns.

Prison Planet.com | Special investigations unit found basketball shoes in officer’s house.

Washington’s Blog | Key Architect of Counter-Terrorism Policies to Become Homeland Chief.

Julie Wilson | Soldiers receive “riot control” training.

Julie Wilson | “I just assumed that it meant the bathrooms were closed, not that I would be breaking the law.”

Julie Wilson | DoD failed to notify Congress that they were refusing military families death benefits.

Julie Wilson | Whistle-blower calls out government in Facebook posts, gets threatened by the DOJ.

Prison Planet.com | NTSB neglects safety of maintenance workers just like the DOJ neglects safety of abducted children.

Prison Planet.com | Mother may have been taking her child out of danger posed by police.

Kit Daniels | Security officers confiscate cameras.

Julie Wilson | Young woman in solitary confinement tells Infowars she was scared.

Prison Planet.com | Footage streamed live in Utah.

Julie Wilson | Statewide policy makes it illegal to enforce indefinite detention.

Prison Planet.com | A list of quotes and presidential actions which showcase Obama’s snobbery and elitism.

Prison Planet.com | As we predicted last week, health law creates unprecedented wave of scammers.

Julie Wilson |The small business owner lost over $50,000 after the City of Austin shutdown his water access.

Julie Wilson | Government’s stance: ‘Look, we know what we have and you don’t need to know about it.’

Julie Wilson | “Do you think people do things only because the government tells them to do it?”

Prison Planet.com | Taxpayer-funded workers are paid based on the number of Americans they enroll in gov’t health program.

Julie Wilson | FBI asked some of Todashev’s friends to “spy on local mosques and threatened to arrest them if they didn’t”

Prison Planet.com | The murder of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi was an organized hit to cover up direct arm deals.

Julie Wilson | 68 percent of Americans believe the nation is “on the wrong track,” however it’s likely far higher than that.

Adan Salazar | Gun rights advocate plans to go public with story.

Prison Planet.com | Like the TSA, a new wave of bureaucrats will abuse their power – this time by stealing your identities.

Julie Wilson | “He was not rude but they had security come in to take him out.”

Julie Wilson | Americans no longer fault “easy access” to guns as number one reason for gun violence.

Julie Wilson | Elite tactical team responsible for defending DC Capitol complex were reportedly ordered to leave the scene.

Prison Planet.com | President pushed to disarm Americans on the same day he approved arming al-Qaeda.

Julie Wilson | Obamacare mirrors Australia’s mandatory sex questionnaires

Prison Planet.com | President pushes to aid Syrian rebels who are led by the al-Nusra Front.

Julie Wilson | “The US is not the world’s policeman,” says Obama.

Julie Wilson | FBI maintains files to “memorialize controversial reporting.”

Kit Daniels | Lawmakers know better than 99% of the voters, Obama implied.

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