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gun rights

Steve Watson | ‘See Something, Say Something’ program to enforce Executive orders on firearms?

Paul Joseph Watson | Ohio exercise centers around WMD plot.

Steve Watson | Presidential decrees are “Overreaching and anti-constitutional violation of our rights as American citizens”

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Financial Terrorism: Firearms sellers to be blackmailed into conforming to gun control.

Steve Watson | Oregon law enforcers leads national fight against Obama gun grab.

Paul Joseph Watson | New legislation would nullify gun control dictates.

Paul Joseph Watson | Mueller: Stop exploiting the deaths of innocent victims.

Kurt Nimmo | Executive orders or actions considered “existential threat to this nation.”

Adan Salazar | Congressman also introduced bill earlier in the year calling for ban on Gun Free Zones.

Paul Joseph Watson | Store managers told they cannot order more bullets until further notice.

Paul Joseph Watson | Kentucky Senator says President is “usurping the constitution”.

Steve Watson | “I would be ashamed if a founding father were in this room now; You are never going to pull a gun from Jackson County”.

Paul Joseph Watson | “That’s why we all need to get ’em now before they take ’em away.”

Paul Joseph Watson | CNN host fails to respond to challenge.

Paul Joseph Watson | Will Obama administration ignore controversial issue again?

Steve Watson | Gun control enthusiast belittles founding document.

Paul Joseph Watson | While simultaneously launching effort to disarm the American people.

Paul Joseph Watson | Is this half of Morgan’s CNN viewing audience?

Aaron Dykes | A movement to stop unconstitutional violations of gun rights by refusing to enforce unjust laws is slowly gaining momentum.

Paul Joseph Watson | CNN host is still ludicrously claiming that gun control made England safe, when it is the most violent country in Europe.

Paul Joseph Watson | Former Congressman warns Obama’s executive gun grab could spark second American revolution.

Paul Joseph Watson | Gun control showdown – round two.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Scary,” “Undignified,” “Unedifying”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Jay Carney defends first amendment while Obama attempts to eviscerate second.

Steve Watson | Exploitative, sensationalist CNN host represents rotting core of the mainstream media.

Kurt Nimmo | Sam Adams: it is our duty to defend the Constitution against all attacks.

Prison Planet.com | Fiery confrontation with Piers Morgan sent staffers into tailspin.

Paul Joseph Watson | SSRI connection to mass shootings ignored by media.

PrisonPlanet.com | Alex gets cased after his appearance on Piers Morgan tonight.

PrisonPlanet.com | Alex owns CNN host during primetime debate over gun control.

Steve Watson | Gun owning mother protects kids from intruder.

Paul Joseph Watson | Bill that would have banned 80% of handguns fails.

Adan Salazar | Burglar pleads woman to stop shooting after being shot in face and neck.

Aaron Dykes | The narrative surrounding this official image is simply NOT credible given the White House Bin Laden raid photo lies and Obama’s crocodile tears.

Kurt Nimmo | Proposed amendments to Constitution would nullify effects of laws outlawing firearms.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Russian, Chinese, British, Australian talking heads attack second amendment.

Steve Watson | Leading Gun Control Advocate: “We’ll get it done by the end of January”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Obama not so upset about dozens of children killed in drone strikes he personally ordered.

Aaron Dykes | Demand a Real Plan: Nullify Unconstitutional Gun Control

Paul Joseph Watson | But country’s draconian gun control laws leave them defenseless.

Aaron Dykes | Numerous events throughout President Obama’s First Term Have Been Patently Exploited to Destroy the Second Amendment “Under the Radar”

Paul Joseph Watson | The hypocrisy of gun-grabbers knows no bounds.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Obama administration failed to respond to dozens of secession petitions.

Steve Watson | Banker-owned publication tells Americans “If you want to be safer, change the constitution”.

Kurt Nimmo | Morgan has used his national television show as a platform to attack the right of American citizens to own firearms.

Paul Joseph Watson | Letter by victim’s sister calls on Obama to restrict firearms to shooting ranges.

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones | Outrageously, foreign governments are supporting calls to undermine Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Paul Joseph Watson | China can keep its draconian police state, Americans will keep their guns.

Paul Joseph Watson | Broadcaster’s vendetta against second amendment intensifies.

Steve Watson | Attacks individual right to keep and bear arms.

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