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gun rights

Kurt Nimmo | Under collectivism, the state holds a violent monopoly on power and the individual is a slave.

Steve Watson | The shooting story you probably didn’t hear about; Rabid gun control enthusiasts ignore a bigger picture

PrisonPlanet.com | This NWO banker minion is desperate to disarm the American people and complete their journey into slavery.

Kurt Nimmo | Hypocrite-in-chief wipes away crocodile tears for Connecticut children.

Paul Joseph Watson | Piers Morgan implies that all handguns should be banned.

Paul Joseph Watson | Will incident be used to savage second amendment in aftermath of Bob Costas controversy?

Adan Salazar | Bob Costas’ recent anti-gun rant gave at least one high profile rocker “Cat Scratch Fever.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Firearms maker boasts $21.2 million quarterly profit.

Paul Joseph Watson | Maryland man targeted after telling undercover police officer he was “irritated” at Obama re-election.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | NBC Sports broadcaster claims there are no examples of athletes using guns to neutralize dangerous situations.

Prisonplanet.com | Alex Jones calls for a boycott of the NFL, NBC and host Bob Costas after they scapegoated the Right to Bear Arms over athlete’s murder-suicide tragedy.

Steve Watson | Piers Morgan owned by pro gun crowd after Twitter outburst.

Paul Joseph Watson | Petition asks Obama administration to target hunting rights.

Paul Joseph Watson | Overwhelming demand crashes FBI background check center.

Paul Joseph Watson | Firearms dealers across the country say it’s “like Christmas”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Vehicles searched for empty bullet rounds.

Prisonplanet.com | The Obama Administration has openly announced their intent to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban and even more draconian assaults on the 2nd Amendment.

Paul Joseph Watson | Obama administration moves within hours to renew UN arms ban.

Paul Joseph Watson | Smith & Wesson, Ruger go parabolic at start of trading.

Paul Joseph Watson | Firearms shop owners label Obama “the best gun salesmen we’ve had”.

Melissa Melton | Unit briefed to ‘target preppers first’ during civil unrest after election.

Adan Salazar | An open-source site where gun enthusiasts convene to share and download gun design blueprints and files.

Aaron Dykes | For those who’ve been wondering how gun confiscation could be achieved inside the United States, one need look no further than Article 15 of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty.

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