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David R. Jones | 90-year-old woman put on diabetes medication when she didn’t have diabetes.

Prison Planet.com | In-Q-Tel made “strategic investment” into software company involved in Obamacare enrollment.

Kurt Nimmo | Big government projects fail because real world business dynamics are absent.

Prison Planet.com | The document Obama doesn’t want you to see is available here.

Steve Watson | White House officials STILL attempting to “spin this turd”.

Adan Salazar | School assignment places kids as heads of death panels.

Prison Planet.com | Senator says we should mitigate the harm from ObamaCare.

McClatchy | Boehner also says Obama must be willing to negotiate over the debt ceiling.

Prison Planet.com | Top comments are critical of health law.

Prison Planet.com | “A partial shutdown of a ridiculously bloated federal government is oddly ironic,” says James Woods.

Prison Planet.com | As we predicted last week, health law creates unprecedented wave of scammers.

Prison Planet.com | Rep. Chaffetz rejected Sen. McCain’s claim that Americans approve Obamacare because they elected Obama.

Adan Salazar | Top 8 health insurance firms’ stocks rise since Obamacare implementation.

Prison Planet.com | Taxpayer-funded workers are paid based on the number of Americans they enroll in gov’t health program.

Julie Wilson | Obamacare mirrors Australia’s mandatory sex questionnaires

Prison Planet.com | Contest aims to turn young Americans into “death panel” cheerleaders.

Julie Wilson | “Low grades in school” and “brushes with the law” initially kept teenager off heart transplant list.

Prison Planet.com | We’re not sure about the health risks, but we’re going to gas you anyway.

St. Louis Business Journal | Two lawsuits were already filed against Monsanto in Washington regarding the unapproved GMO wheat.

Steve Watson | Corporate ownership of human genes controversy declared “commercially deceptive content” .

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones warns a deadly virus gone missing could be the cover story used before releasing the real thing.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘House of Horrors’ doctor charged with killing live fetuses with scissors.

Kurt Nimmo | Billions in new taxes taken out of the hide of the average American to pay for “free” healthcare.

Adan Salazar | Morgan’s very public onset of illness following his inoculation does nothing to help the vaccine industry’s image.

Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency signed $245 million dollar contract with separate company that specializes in back-scatter machines.

Aaron Dykes | Yet government officials tell us this form of control is “freedom.”

Melissa Melton | The system wants you to believe that mercury is good for you.

Paul Joseph Watson | Doctor describes “horror” of Britain’s socialist healthcare system.

Melissa Melton | Big Agra spends more than 35 million supposedly to save you a whopping $400.

Melissa Melton | Officer told elementary student his kombucha tea was “illegal” and “dangerous”.

Melissa Melton | State wages war on vaccine refuseniks, demands control over children through color of law.

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