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police state

Julie Wilson | Former Tulsa cop sentenced to 35 years for robbing Hispanic motorists on duty.

Prison Planet.com | Joint operation between feds and local law enforcement.

Kurt Nimmo | Cops are street enforcers for a coercive and violent state.

Julie Wilson | Woman with “clenched fists” is beat by officer for “appearing willing to fight.”

Kurt Nimmo | America’s founding principles now extinct.

Prison Planet.com | Oregon sheriff’s department opens its doors and offers citizens opportunity to observe department’s inner workings.

presstv.ir | So-called Domain Awareness Center would consolidate a vast network of surveillance data.

LibertyBlitzKrieg | A 95-year-old man who allegedly confronted police officers with a knife and cane died after they shot him with a stun gun.

CBS Los Angeles | Eyewitness records of Santa Ana police officer shoot, kill unarmed 22-year-old homeless man at shopping center.

Beta Beat | The freelance photographer equipped himself with the latest technology and launched a remote-controlled drone from in front of Tina Turner’s estate.

Atlantic Wire | “They mentioned that they do this about 100 times a week. And that 99 of those visits turn out to be nothing.”

WISN-TV | “It was like a SWAT team,” shelter employee Ray Schulze said.

Yahoo News Canada | This isn’t the first instance Americans have insisted its uniformed representatives abroad be swathed in a legal bubble of red, white and blue.

Radio Free Europe | The time and place of the alert can be matched to closed-circuit TV in stations.

Julie Wilson | “If they take your children, they grow.”

Adan Salazar | DHS’s new digs used for secret mind-altering experimentation.

Prison Planet.com | TSA creates atmosphere of fear as the agency broadens its reach into our daily lives.

Kurt Nimmo | Large technology corporations instrumental in building control grid.

Kurt Nimmo | Believes recently passed concealed carry legislation will lead to more violence in the Windy City.

Julie Wilson | Atlanta artist blacklisted for art considered to be “political and violent in nature.”

Prison Planet.com | Police officer conducts inappropriate and illegal search.

Adan Salazar | Family speaks to Infowars.com.

Kurt Nimmo | Pentagon’s commitment to “rapid response” decimated by 9/11 stand down.

Prison Planet.com | It’s another sign that the Tea Party meme is an excuse to institute more statist coercion.

Kurt Nimmo | Staggering number support NSA surveillance and loss of individual freedom.

Mike Adams | Top secret documents obtained by Washington Post show nearly all top Internet services share your data with the gov’t.

Adan Salazar | Bill would basically allow police to arrest based on their own subjective impulses.

independent.co.uk | The incongruity of the woman at the centre of the image is striking.

Prison Planet.com | Blow-by-blow updates and streaming video content as the globalist cabal convenes.

Steve Watson | Then suspended for rest of the year.

Adan Salazar | Worker was upset because she was handing out samples of a product the store didn’t have in stock.

Steve Watson | 6-year-old given detention for “traumatizing” other kids.

Paul Joseph Watson | Agency created to protect against terror attacks now policing free speech.

Paul Joseph Watson | Video clearly shows former Marine did not resist arrest.

Paul Joseph Watson | Call flood seeks to secure release of former Marine kidnapped for exercising First Amendment.

Kurt Nimmo | Owner of one of the most expensive shotgun companies in the world turned in under Taxis on Patrol program.

Prison Planet.com | Alex spoke to one of Kokesh’s crew members, Lucas, who says the feds haven’t disclosed where Adam is being kept.

Paul Joseph Watson | Sheriff’s office forced to respond after huge backlash.

Paul Joseph Watson | DoD “instruction” seeks to abolish Posse Comitatus, grease skids for military coup.

Paul Joseph Watson | Rainbow flag of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride movement” allowed.

Paul Joseph Watson | Homeowner to cops: “Martial law has not been established in this country.”

Jon Rappoport | There are two ways to cast a movie. You bring in professional actors and have them read, or you go out and hire “real people” for the parts.

CNET | Apple receives so many police demands to decrypt seized iPhones that it has created a “waiting list.”

BioMetric Update | Employers would have to cross-reference new hires in the database to ensure they really are who they claim to be.

Kurt Nimmo | Outraged New Yorkers, government bring wrath of the law down on father.

Paul Joseph Watson | Singer told to undergo counseling over ‘conspiracy theory’ that music industry strangles real talent.

Paul Joseph Watson | Activist Mark Dice illustrates absurdity of Americans eager to relinquish 4th amendment rights.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi interviews residents who were forced from their homes.

Paul Joseph Watson | Market survey asks companies if they can provide 2 million bullets within 30-60 day period.

Paul Joseph Watson | Washington Times calls on Florida Governor to veto plan.

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