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Press TV | “We’re planning on going ahead with it.”

RT | Heavily armed Taliban fighters freed some 300 inmates from a large prison in Pakistan in a massive midnight attack.

Press TV | Afghan security forces confiscated weapons and ammunition from the militants, the statement noted.

Paul Joseph Watson | Obama sends weapons to terrorists who want to impose Sharia law in America.

Ron Paul | Five countries attacked since 9/11.

Paul Joseph Watson | “These things go far beyond what most are even aware of”.

Prison Planet.com | NSA could use cyber warfare to fuel mass hysteria.

Paul Joseph Watson | White House makes miraculous discovery to distract from domestic scandals.

nbcnews.com | Former drone pilot troubled by the physical disconnect and dehumanization of drones.

Paul Joseph Watson | Terrorist make-up of Syrian opposition underscored once again.

Paul Joseph Watson | Senator meets with America-hating, Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Paul Joseph Watson | White House openly seeking to arm terrorists in Syria.

RT | Kerry announced the new aid during his visit to Rome on Thursday.

Kurt Nimmo | Hundreds of FSA cadres defecting to al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra terrorists.

Paul Joseph Watson | Fighters being treated in field hospitals and sent back to front lines.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Never before revealed information” to be aired at press conference.

Prison Planet.com | House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on deaths last September of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Paul Joseph Watson | “The next three, four months, we probably have the capability to do it”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Jihadists doing the dirty work of the very powers they claim to oppose.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tel Aviv emboldens western-backed jihadists.

Kurt Nimmo | Islamic terror from Caucasus next phase of plan to undermine our liberty.

Paul Joseph Watson | Another example of Obama supporting bloodthirsty terrorists in Syria.

Paul Joseph Watson | The U.S. government and the CIA.

Paul Joseph Watson | China abandoning its belligerent ally?

Steve Watson | More footage of military vehicles being delivered surfaces online.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Obama Now Global Head of Al-Qaeda.

Paul Joseph Watson | How much longer can the Obama administration hide its support for violent jihadists?

Paul Joseph Watson | “The radius of the strike, or reach of the gases, has to be 1km.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Effort to make nuclear missiles less vulnerable to attack.

American Free Press | Perle callously claimed that a war with Iran would only take “two or three days”.

Paul Joseph Watson | New missile interceptor stationed to defend Air Force One against Obama-backed militants in Syria.

Paul Joseph Watson | Because the administration is backing terrorists in Syria.

Prison Planet.com | The clip illustrates the general day to day drudgery of a society run by thugs who have seized power.

Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson | “We never trained with hollow points, why would the need all those ball rounds just for training?”

Paul Joseph Watson | Could the Venezuelan leader’s death have been chemically induced by means of an exotic cancer bio-weapon?

Paul Joseph Watson | Tactical nuclear weapons “should constantly be aimed at the United States”.

RIA Novosti | “A real war has been declared against us,” Alexander Fomin told Ekho Moskvy radio.

Steve Watson | Wild hypotheses include “kinetic bombardment” weaponry aimed at Russia by US.

Steve Watson | Senator: “If there’s a line of traffic coming out of a camp and we think that is populated by people who don’t like America — we bomb them”.

Steve Watson | A match made in… hell.

Infowars.com | How far away is America from a similar situation?

Paul Joseph Watson | Strike on convoy heading to Lebanon was diversion.

Kurt Nimmo | Attack escalates tensions in region and possibly sets stage for direct military intervention inside Syria and Iran.

Steve Watson | Secretary Of Defense nominee pointed to rogue elements within the military.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tehran in new threat to close Strait of Hormuz.

Kurt Nimmo | Captain Harry Wales compares violent occupation of Afghanistan to an Xbox game.

Steve Watson | Former RAND head: Americans will not care.

Kurt Nimmo | Terror attacks by a dependable and theatrically scary al-Qaeda will forge public consensus for more war and murder.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones rips apart upcoming zombie flick revealing a story about the end of America and the beginning of UN global rule.

Paul Joseph Watson | “If they call me a terrorist I will consider it an honor, our terror is blessed, a divine call”.

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