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Talk radio under siege: New push for Fairness Doctrine

Keach Hagey
Jan 12, 2011

As I reported [2] on the main site today, conservative media figures’ fears that the left will use Tucson to clamp down on them are not entirely unfounded.

Rep. Jim Clyburn [3] wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine [4] – a move aimed directly at talk radio – while Media Matters CEO David Brock asked Rupert Murdoch to rein in or possibly even fire Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

It’s hard not to read today’s news [5] that Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee plans to ban state employees from appearing on talk radio during work hours within the same frame, though Ben Smith points out [6] that likely has more to do with local beef than the current national debate about “tone.”

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