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Target of FBI raid suspected to be part of Al Qaeda cell says ‘I’m not a terrorist’

New York Daily News [1]
Wednesday, Sept 16th, 2009

The Colorado man who triggered a terror scare in New York that led to a rash of raids in Queens insisted Tuesday night, “I’m not a terrorist.”

Even as Najibullah Zazi, 25, of Aurora, Colo., professed his innocence, counterterrorism agents eyed him as part of the first suspected Al Qaeda cell they’ve uncovered in the U.S. since 9/11.

Zazi, an Afghan national, said he’s a hardworking airport shuttle driver who is married and lives with his elderly parents in the Denver suburb.

“I didn’t know anything about who was following me,” Zazi told the Daily News of reports he is under surveillance by the FBI.

He confirmed he drove to New York last week to visit friends, but he denied being part of any Al Qaeda bomb plot or terror cell.

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