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Tepco Fails to Get Assurance on Restarting Second Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Tsuyoshi Inajima and Michio Nakayama

April 22, 2011

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the company at the center of Japan’s nuclear disaster, failed to get an assurance from Fukushima prefecture’s governor that a second plant in the area can be restarted.

Tokyo Electric President Masataka Shimizu met Governor Yuhei Sato in the prefectural office in Fukushima city earlier today to apologize for the accident, said Katsuhiro Kiko, a spokesman at the local government. Shimizu, who was refused meetings with the governor on April 11 and March 22, outlined plans to bring the crisis under control.

Sato told reporters after the meeting that Tepco can’t restart nuclear power plants without safety guarantees, according to Kiko.

Tepco, as the company is called, is trying to contain radiation spewing from its Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant after a magnitude-9 quake on March 11 unleashed a tsunami that flooded the station, knocking out cooling systems. Its second plant in the prefecture was safely shut down in the disaster and accounts for about 7 percent of Tepco’s capacity.

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