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The Best Opportunity This Decade: Maximum Gold Profits

Mac Slavo
SHTFPlan.com [1]
June 3, 3013

It should be clear that our economic and monetary systems are wholly unsustainable and will lead to continued impoverishment of the populace through job losses, wage reductions and monetary price inflation. With that in mind consider your specific financial needs, what means you have available to you, and what your financial assets will look like when the next collapse wreaks havoc in the markets.

When it all comes down you must be positioned in assets that will not only store wealth, but build it as well. Once you have the basics covered – food, shelter, personal safety – consider gold as one such option. History shows that, as a mechanism of exchange, gold has survived every major global calamity. As our government managed socio-economic safety nets continue to unravel, with our money losing purchasing power and our creditors losing confidence in our ability to ever repay our debts, gold may well be the only financial asset left standing after the dust has settled.

In The Best Opportunity This Decade: Maximum Gold Profits [2], Daniel Ameduri ofFuture Money Trends [2] explains the problems facing the world’s financial and monetary systems, the risks investors face as they relate to paper denominated gold exchanges, and considerations to make while exploring your precious metals investment options.