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The Big Brother Surveillance Grid Is Already Here: Video

Brandon Smith
January 27, 2012

Crime and terrorism prevention has always been the go-to rationalization for Orwellian surveillance.  With our society so overrun by frightened little people with absolutely no concept of self defense or self reliance, its difficult to break through and make them understand why this is a terrible thing.

Ultimately, the surveillance society is designed to treat all citizens as guilty until proven innocent, and to make the government the sole watchman of our communities.

Frankly, no government is worthy, honorable, or principled enough to fulfill such an auspicious role.  Criminality is NOT restricted to the dark corners of city streets.

In fact, you will find far more criminal activity within the halls of power than any terrified metropolitan or suburban yuppie could possibly imagine.

If we actually want these cameras to do any real good, perhaps we should begin pointing them at the offices of Congress and the White House, and find true solace and safety at last…

This post first appeared at Alt Market [1]