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The George Zimmerman Trial Is Not About Justice

Paul Huebl
crimefilenews.com [1]
July 11, 2013

Sanford, FL—a young, athletic and hooded thug with lots of texting messages about guns, fighting and drugs, Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman.  While bashing the neighborhood watch volunteer’s brains out on the sidewalk the young thug was shot dead.

It turns out that our Federal tax dollars were used to organize anti-Zimmerman protests demanding a legal lynching. Attorney General Eric Holder can be thanked for that waste of cash.
The already divided nation has an agenda that has nothing to do with this isolated shooting in Florida.  This is about clashing races and attitudes about Gun Control.
There are those that hate guns or are African-American and intolerant of Whites that want Zimmerman’s blood.  They don’t really care who was beating whom. They want Zimmerman to be publicly hanged.
Then there are bigoted Whites that believe the only good African-Americans are the dead ones.  After that there are a lot of people of both races that want to protect their rights to defend themselves and their families.  They want Zimmerman cleared.
Only a small percentage of folks care about what really happened; or whether Zimmerman is guilty or not.
Realistically the evidence of a crime is just not there and Zimmerman will most likely walk free.  When that happens by the end of this week the seething hatred in the Black Communities of America will boil over like never before.
I have made my plans to be in a safe place, well armed with plenty of ammunition, food and water.