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Prince Charles and Gordon Brown take separate jets… to lecture the world on global warming

Rebecca English and David Derbyshire
UK Daily Mail [1]
Wednesday, Dec 16th, 2009

Prince Charles and Gordon Brown were accused last night of ‘green hypocrisy’ after jetting into Copenhagen to lecture the world about global warming.

Charles used the £1,019-an-hour Queen’s Flight so he could deliver a keynote speech to the climate change conference, flying back after less than three hours.

The Prime Minister chartered a 185-seat Airbus to take him and 20 aides to Denmark for their four-day trip.

Among Mr Brown’s team was his senior adviser on climate change, Michael Jacobs, who was at the summit at the weekend but flew back to London to join his boss on the flight.

By using private planes, both Charles and Mr Brown produced more carbon emissions – which is blamed for global warming – than would have been generated by taking a scheduled flight.

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