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The Military’s New Microwave Heat Ray Gun: “We Can Shoot First and Ask Questions Later” *Video*

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Mac Slavo
March 15, 2012

“We can shoot first and ask questions later. Normally you can’t do that.”

Military Spokesman

While originally designed for military application, the Pentagon denies these microwave Active Denial Systems were ever used in the mid east theater of war. Apparently they were deployed to Afghanistan, but military commanders decided against their use on civilians because the weapon would reportedly make the war for hearts and minds more difficult to win.

The Los Angeles Police Department then took possession of some of the non-lethal heat ray guns, saying they would be used in their prison systems to quell inmate disturbances, but later changed their reason for acquiring the weapons, saying that they would be used for helping to combat crowds.

What’s most alarming, as Alexander Higgins points out below, is that recent anti-terrorism and anti-assembly laws coupled with deployment of these weapons by local law enforcement agencies suggests a new and alarming trend in the United States.

In America, the war is not about winning hearts and minds; it’s about crushing dissent and free expression, and destroying any ability for the people to peaceably assemble or to petition government for a redress of grievances in a free and open forum.

Via Alexander Higgins Blog:

Days after the first news of the military’s microwave heat ray surfaced we get our first in-depth media reports on the new technology developed to crush protests.

Previously I reported on the military making preparations to crush the Occupy Wall Street protests.

That report began by pointing out Pentagon plans to deploy 20,000 troops within the US to deal with civil unrest.

Then I pointed out the horrible provisions in the NDAA, such as authorization for the Military to be deployed to attack any nation in the world without congressional approval, including inside the United States.

Furthermore, I warned the bill allows the military to treat American Citizens – such as Occupy Wall Street protestors – as terrorists by labeling them as threats to national security, and detain them indefinitely in military prisons or even secretly target them for assassination.

That was followed by pointing out the Feds have already charged a man as an enemy combatant supporting terrorism just for uploading a video to Youtube.

Of course the threat of Occupy protestors being labeled as a terrorists were realized when leaked documents revealed the police classified the Occupy Wall Street as a terrorist group alongside Al-Qaeda.

I ended that report with a video clip from an analyst warning that the Army has been put on standby to be mobilized against Occupy Wall Street protestors at any moment.

Then, just few days ago we received word of the military’s first plans to deal with  protests during events of civil unrest – a microwave heat gun crowd control cannon.

That article described the technology in writing and showed a heat gun cannon in action.

Now we have our first corporate media reports on the Army’s new pain ray gun with more details and the military plans for using the weapon.

Fox News Reports:

More on how it works:

Future protests organized in the streets of major cities may very well be met with ajamming of all internet communications in a target area to restrict real-time flow of images and video across the world, direct targeting of protesters by non-lethal weapons like the microwave heat ray guns and LRAD acoustic systems, and the unwarranted arrest and detainment of those in areas deemed of interest to national security.

This article was posted: Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 3:53 am

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