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The Murder of America By The Hijacked Federal Government

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The Excavator
June 1, 2011

Last week, the hijacked federal government treated Texas like Libya and Iraq, and acted in contempt of the people of Texas, the state legislature, and the U.S. constitution. Federal lawmakers used terrorism against Texas — just as it has against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya — to make Texan representatives rethink their anti-TSA bill which classified unpopular and illegal TSA groping techniques as a criminal felony.

The nature of state terrorism is more subtle and deadly than the terrorism practiced by non-state groups. U.S. state terrorists get what they want by blackmailing public representatives, deceiving the public and the press, and threatening lawmakers by resorting to legal and non-legal means. In Texas’s case, the Feds threatened to shutdown all air traffic in Texas and turn Texas into a pariah state if TSA agents were not given free reign to belittle the American people and violate their individual rights. Texas was not allowed to succeed in branding the TSA as deviant, abnormal, and alien to American principles.

Independence and resistance are forbidden both inside and outside the empire. Washington’s power elite consider state independence a crime, and freedom a nuisance. Domination and control are the key objectives of U.S. state policy, both foreign and domestic. They reach their objectives by lying to the American people, suppressing information, breaking the law, and shutting off debate. But, occasionally, terrorist tactics are used instead of other state methods when there is a pressing situation and tough action is required.

The threat to Texas was given on the grounds that the TSA is a necessary federal body that must be treated with awe and respect for the government to successfully wage its war against terrorism and maintain national security. But Washington’s argument is a farce because terrorism is being manufactured out of whole cloth. The federal government itself is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism both within America and throughout the world.

America: Death By Deception

The murder of America by the state terrorists behind the new world order is almost complete. For several decades there has been a python around America, slowly squeezing out the life of its institutions, laws, and people. Once the python has done his job vultures will take over to eat away at what’s left of the rotting corpse.

The same government-created process of death and destruction is at work in other Western countries. Our collective destiny is being directed by a pack of traitorous elites who are operating based on the conclusion that the global population is a burden on the Earth’s resources and that a new global regime has to be set up covertly to facilitate the death of the masses.

After years of preparation and hard work, the Western ruling elite believe the time is finally right to transition the world to a new age in human civilization. The opinion that they are adults and masters of the human race is so ingrained in their mindset that they believe the people should be kept in the dark for their own good.

I did not always believe that mass global genocide was one of the hidden goals of U.S. state policy. It sounds crazy. But it is true. The controllers of the U.S. empire and the personalities calling for a new world order are authoritarian eugenicists who have a coherent world philosophy and view the people as sheep to be robbed, and slaughtered. I was afraid of being ridiculed for stating my opinion. But you have to be open-minded and follow the facts to their conclusion, even if the conclusion is gut-wrenching.

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But we are not doomed. People become the victims of history and the playthings of people in power when they refuse to stand up for what is right and refrain from speaking the truth. Resistance is a matter of conscience and courage. As I wrote in my article “America: A State of Terror”:

Voices of resistance transform history, and help societies recover lost freedoms. All we have is our voice so we have to use it with determination. Those who don’t speak up about 9/11 and the high treason that is taking place will regret it later. The most powerful and peaceful means we have to resist tyranny and state evil are words. We must speak and write boldly.

The power to name and define reality is the government’s biggest power, but language lies beyond the scope of government. Civil society also has the power to do what people in government do everyday, which is give meaning to reality by using words, and branding individuals as “terrorists,” “traitors,” “patriots,” “conspiracy theorists,” etc.

When we let tyrants give meaning to world events like 9/11 we allow them to get away with murder and carry on with their agenda of destruction and control.

Rebranding The American Federal Government: Private Interests, Private Goals

The publicly stated rationale of all U.S. government action in the wake of the September 11 attacks masks the true, hidden rationale which is based on treasonous, irrational, criminal, private goals. In Washington the government has been hijacked by private central banks, the military-industrial complex, and corporate kingpins. They are the enemies of the public good, and national interest of every nation.

The U.S. constitution is being raped because it is viewed by the political elite in Washington as no longer being relevant as a system of codes and laws under a new globalist order, not because state officials have to be given the power to catch “evil terrorists” and protect the people.

The transnational police state has been built to be used to violently suppress political dissidents and maintain order during a time of epic crisis that is soon coming. This is not hard to understand. Political science is not rocket science. Armies that are trained and equipped with arms are eventually used to secure power and control for the people who pay them and feed them. The modern police in America and the West are no different. These toy soldiers have been turned into an occupying army and will be exploited to carry out the destructive will of their hidden masters.

Redefining Terrorism

Annamarie Oliverio, author of a great book called The State of Terror,” says that terrorism is a basic tool of statecraft. The public instinctively avoids talking about the dark art of statecraft, but it exists, and it is mastered by the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who pride themselves on crossing over to the dark side. Oliverio writes:

Terrorist activity occurs daily, at different levels of analysis, especially within technologically advanced societies and societies whose structures, institutions, and organizations privilege hierarchy and domination. When terrorism is theoretically examined as a form of social control, fundamentally controlling apparatuses of the state may be viewed as terroristic. Organizations, groups, and individuals who legitimate the use of violence to achieve their goals may be viewed as products of, extensions of, or models of the essential structure of a state when its purpose is to regulate behavior via various forms of repression, domination, and terror. (1).

The myth that the modern, liberal, democratic state does not practice terrorism is regarded as a necessary myth by the power elite because it helps maintain the mental health of the population of these states. The catastrophic truth about 9/11 breaks this myth down, and threatens the mental health of the American people, as well as the people of other Western countries.

But, eventually, as more and more people come face to face with state terror, they will slowly pick up on the fact that the U.S. government is a terrorist state. This is where the TSA comes in. It is one of the “fundamentally controlling apparatuses of the state.” TSA agents are ugly, overbearing thugs. It is actually a good thing that people will come in personal contact with these creatures at airports, subways, and malls because they will grow to hate them, and get angry enough to protest the terrorist government and reclaim their rights.

According to Oliverio, we should “begin to re-think and re-react to constructs such as terrorism,” and “acknowledge our own participation, our own practice of power, in its definition,” (2). An essential part in the struggle against state terrorism and modern tyranny is defining terrorism in all its manifestations and naming things for what they are. Naming rights comes before human rights. The government cannot be allowed to name human beings “conspiracy theorists” for espousing certain political views because this is an attack on their right to free speech. It is a classic form of excommunicating political threats from society by people in authority.

Freedom does not exist if people are restricted from making their own definitions, and creating their own classifications. Luckily, there are already good academic and plain descriptions of state terrorism. The basic definition of state terrorism, from thefreedictionary.com:

Definition of state-sponsored terrorism: “terrorism practiced by a government against its own people or in support of international terrorism”

Definition of a terrorist act: “the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear”

“Explaining “why” certain action occurs,” writes Oliverio, “has become an important part in the process of establishing a collective definition of terrorist action.” Continued:

Such knowledge about terrorism (as well as other categories of deviance and social control) further shapes and is shaped by a wider institutional and societal order (Thomas et al 1987). In this regard Ericson, Baranek, and Chan (1987, 29), note that:

[T]he ideological labour of reproducing social, cultural, political, and economic order is not simply a matter of vacuous theorizing by academics interested in the political economy of the state. It is a matter of major concern to the state. . .

Scholarly explanations of terrorism, therefore, are central to the creation of laws and policies because they re-present similar “techniques of policing and moral brokerage,” as well as

direct or encourage journalists to work on behalf of the established order. Journalists are officially defined as crucial agents in the reproduction of order. . . an instrument for the defense of our identity as a nation. (Ericson, Baranek, and Chan 1987, 29 and 1991, 8)

It is not surprising that texts, whether they are generated by scholars, politicians, or news media, as the bearers of knowledge/power can be viewed as contributing to (and/or reproducing) social stratification, integration, social order, and, of course, hegemony. As such, “It is the organization of news, not events in the world, that creates news” (Ericson, Baranek, and Chan 1987, 345). (3).

This passage by Oliverio is so important because it emphasizes the role played by academic professionals like Philip D. Zelikow in the political construction of the false 9/11 story. The 1998 paper called “Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy,” by Zelikow, Ashton B. Carter, and John M. Deutch set the groundwork for the Bush administration to carry out 9/11 and enforce the ready-made narrative on a clueless and fearful public.

Another crucial aspect to understanding how state terrorism is kept hidden from the public is the role of language. The language of the state must conquer the language of civil society for the state terrorist to hide their deeds from the general public. Words like “conspiracy theory” and “crazy” are incredibly useful to the hijackers of America. They live and die on the classification of truth-tellers and whistleblowers as crazy and quacks.

The image that the state represents reason, knowledge, logic, rationality, and science can’t be unmasked because it shatters the division between “wacky conspiracy theorists” and “reality-based commentators.” Oliverio says that the “dominant discourse that shapes contemporary knowledge and meaning on terrorism is a legacy of eighteenth- and nineteenth- century discourse of logic and reason,” (4). This was not done by accident. Science was hijacked by the State because science is a threat to power.

The only truly scientific minds of today are people like Niels Harrit, Steven E. Jones, Jeffrey Farrer, and others who are calling for a new 9/11 investigation. These individuals represent the scientific tradition because they are using the scientific method to challenge state power.

Moving Beyond The Age of “Conspiracy Theory” To A New Age of Free Speech And Public Debate

Freedom in America and the West was not killed by ruthless dictators, but clever wordsmiths. The murder of the American public mind by state myth-makers and propagandists with words like “conspiracy theorists” has meant easy sailing for the hijackers of America.

Many truths have been buried under the gravestone of “conspiracy theory” and it is our job to excavate them for the whole world to see.

I am concerned with the graveyard of minds, not so much the graveyard of bodies, because there haven’t been that many victims of U.S. state terror inside America. Maybe that will change.

Oliverio says that the power of rhetoric to form public perceptions of terrorist events is highly coveted by political elites and authoritarian states. Oliverio:

Examining terrorism as a discurisve practice in the art of statecraft reveals the inextricable link between terrorism and the production of power relations via the detailed descriptions, categorizations, and hierarchical organizations of contemporary society. It is a practice that privileges rhetorical language over direct experience. The value of analyzing terrorism as historically and contextually produced political discourse, rather than as essential human expression, is that it has the potential to be replaced by a more heuristic construct. (5).

To give meaning to an event like 9/11 through the use of words and images is to give mythic direction to the society. But it is a crooked direction, and the society is bound to get lost and disordered once people discover that they were betrayed.

Indoctrinating the people is easy at first but after a while new, bigger acts of terror have to be committed by the government. The course of total repression has to be taken to preserve the corrupt order. Most political elites are ruthless and gutsy enough to do what’s difficult and kill millions of people to keep the status quo as it is. Besides, they don’t have much of a choice. There is no turning back to sweet democracy and church bells after killing the people and betraying them. One you start to kill innocent people and commit acts of terror to advance a private agenda you have to finish the job or face the wrath of millions of people.

In most political systems people within the establishment turn out to be the biggest revolutionaries. A time comes when they begin to have second doubts about what they are part of. It takes a certain heart to rationalize mass death and mass deceit. That’s why only the psychopaths make it to the top in terroristic political systems.

In America, narcissists and elitist egoists like Clinton, Bush and Obama are proud of what they are doing. They don’t think of themselves as evil. In their minds, the state is beyond good and evil.

But what about the people who are not at the top of the power structure? Why do people at the bottom call others “conspiracy theorists” and “nuts” for raising ugly facts? Author Michael Tsarion talks often about the unseen dictatorship within the mind. Watch his lectures to learn about how people advance their own enslavement by submitting to the dictates of mass psychology instead of thinking for themselves.

Self-policing is much worse than the state police and media thought police. People who can’t even entertain the thought that 9/11 was an inside job are prohibiting debate within their own minds! That’s fascinating to me. They can’t even utter the truth under their breath because “only paranoid people believe 9/11 was an inside job.”

Oliverio says near the end of her book that public debate is absolutely necessary for societies to understand the origins of terrorism and get beyond political constructions of the worldwide phenomena. Oliverio:

Since the end of World War II, the United States has directed much propaganda against its enemies (domestic and international, real and imagined); but in the end such propaganda has done little to encourage any kind of permanent solution to the problem of “terrorism,” which it apparently seeks to eradicate. Furthermore, it has done so at the expense of the democratic process, which is supposed to foster competition among diverse understandings, ideas, and approaches to those ideas. Instead, the trend has been to encourage passive forms of collaboration from the mass constituency, increase autonomy of the executive from the legislature, as well as foster corresponding forms of representation based on such passivity (such as the “hero-villain” dichotomy) (Lumley and Schlesinger 1982). As Lumley and Schlesinger (1982, 622) remark on the elimination of terrorism, it is “something far more likely to occur through argument, discussion and open debate than through the counter-terror of the state,” and other societal (political) institutions that encourage “exorcistic rhetoric and demonology.” If “terrorism” indeed needs to be eradicated from society, then the eradication of orthodox perspectives and the forms those perspectives take appears to provide the most promising (if not crucial) avenue. (6).

Addressing the mass mental retardation represented by terms such as “conspiracy theories” is the first step towards opening up the debate on terrorism and reexamining the 9/11 events. The blockage of truth about 9/11 by the U.S.-Western media cannot be broken through unless people get over the psychological hurdles that exist within their minds.

Those of us who have gone over the hurdles must not get angry at the people behind us for being so slow. Anger is not an embracing emotion. But there is a place for anger. We should direct our anger at our political leaders in America, Canada, England, and the West who have betrayed the people and destroyed the rule of law.

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This article was posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 3:01 am

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