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The Questionable Timing of the Pakistan Blast

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Scott Creighton
9/11 Blogger
Monday, Sept 22, 2008

(I wonder how long it takes to build a truck bomb.)

Let me see if I got this straight now.

Over the past 7 years we have dumped billions and billions of dollars into Pakistan to help with the Global War on Terror™. Yet, we know that former President Musharraf spent much of that money beefing up his military presence on the border of India, while another large part of that money, just went missing. Some of that money was traced to election fraud attempts. All of this, and the accepted wisdom is that the Taliban and bin Laden, are in Pakistan (of course I think he is dead, but that is beside the point).

When Musharraf lost the election, he shut down the democracy in Pakistan and arrested judges and opposition party leaders. Eventually, Pakistan shamed us by actually impeaching their president for corruption, while ours gets off Scott-Free thanks to Nancy Pelosi and a complicit congress.

Along comes a new President, President Asif Zardari, one that isn’t in the pocket of BushCo and low and behold, we start ramping up the rhetoric about needing to attack inside Pakistan “when ever we feel like it“.

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They even get the leading “progressive” man-god, Obama, to spin the same bullshit story.

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Now, after several weeks of international bad press because of drone planes being piloted by 19 year olds with joy-sticks in California, blowing up families in Pakistan willy-nilly, after all that, the “terrorists” in Pakistan decide to blow up a second rate hotel there, killing civilians, and making them the bad guys once again? How’s that for the worst timing ever, huh? Well, the worst timing for them and the best possible timing for those troubled U.S. Military PR guys and all the politicians who had been saying just a month ago we need to step up military action in Pakistan.

Let’s face it, the Global War on Terror™ is the biggest thing since sliced bread for making serious cash, removing those troubling restrictions, and undermining the constitution at every turn.

This morning the spin is that the “terrorist” organizations did this too send a message that they want the government of Pakistan to quit cooperating with the U.S.War on Terror™. Nevermind that just a few days ago, President Zardari came out saying that Pakistan’s sovereignty was more important than America’s War on Terror™.

That’s right. Just one week ago, Pakistan was threatening to pull out of Bush’s War on Terror and today they have more reason than ever to stay put.

I wonder how long it takes to build a truck bomb.

The end result of this attack is to give the U.S. Army and the American politicians all the reason in the world that they would need to continue attacking Pakistan’s population, and taking the international pressure off the Americans to stop bombing their country.

This is what we are supposed to believe?

We are supposed to believe that these “terrorists”, when they finally have the sympathy of the world and the eyes of the world are watching Pakistan’s plight very closely, not to mention the fact that Pakistan’s president just announced his intentions to pull out of the Global War on Terror™, they all of a sudden decide to blow up a hotel, for no apparent reason, giving Pakistan every reason to remain an alley in the war? Are you kidding?

If you aren’t familiar with the CIA’s history of false-flag operations in the rest of the world, now might be a good time to Google it.

This has the markings of that type of operation written all over it.

You have a newly elected regime that isn’t as inclined to hand over control of their country to the U.S. when all of a sudden, out of now-where, the “leftist” terrorist start bombing the people of the country in order to create chaos and fear in the population. This is either blamed on the President or the regime that U.S. companies don’t like, or they start to foster the idea that the new anti-American leadership can’t provide the protection the people need. And thus, the CIA’s actions change the course of that country by covert, terrorist means.

It’s on record; it’s been done many times by the CIA. Not just in the Middle East, but also, Central America, South American, Italy, Cuba, and many others.

So, the recent attack in Pakistan takes place just in time to salvage BushCo’s all important Global War on Terror™. I mean, how do you think it would look if the U.S.’s main alley were to just pack up and take off? Some terrorist cell leader somewhere is getting called on the carpet for this one. Or, maybe not. You decide.

This article was posted: Monday, September 22, 2008 at 3:55 am

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