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The Reason Why the IBM/Lockheed Martin Census Worker Is On Your Doorstep or…IBM’s Dirty Census Laundry

We The People Will Not Be Chipped
Tuesday May 121th, 2009

From April 1st, 150, 000 census workers, part of a $700 million taxpayer-funded contract, will travel all known streets and roads to identify every living quarter where people live or could potentially live. Each structure also will receive Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to make sure it is recorded in the right location. [1]

To quote the US Census Bureau advertisement – A New Portrait of America “On April 1st , 2010 , our nation will be counted , every person whoever they are , wherever they live , and what we learn will transform what we know about ourselves….. the 2010 Census , its a new portrait of America. The 2010 Census is an exciting milestone for America , it promises to deliver accurate information about our diverse and growing population. And its important for the future of each community . Census Data will be used to allocate 300 Billion funds in Federal funds every year , it is the foundation of our Constitution.. Communities use the data to plan for their future , like disaster and emergency services , health care services , schools , transportation, libraries, senior centres and more….The 2010 Census builds on the success of previous Censuses and is the best plan and most well researched Census …ever. .The 2010 Census …..It’s Important… this census is the commitment to the American way of life…To Be Counted as a resident of the United States I think is one of the proudest things that can happen to you in this country….Its Important to stand up for yourself …be counted , let people know your out there….its a new portrait of America…..” Cue to the American flag….A video shot of diverse and multicultural people ranging from Hispanics , Asians to African and the echoing words…….”Its easy , its Important, its safe!”[2] flashes on the screen pacifying the end user….”Its safe!”…the words: “Its safe!” burn into your sub-conscience…let’s remember that.

2007, September 20th, marked the year the U.S. Census Bureau awarded IBM (NYSE: IBM) Global Business Services a contract worth $89.5 million over 9 years , to provide data tabulation and dissemination services in support of the 2010 Census Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) program. [3] Fantastic news to the biggest IT company in the world , otherwise known as Big Blue or as the Nazi Nexus Hollerith Machine company to the Jewish families and other non-compliant races who lost their loved ones in WWII to the Third Reich . We will focus on the IBM Nazi Nexus later in the article, lets focus on what is currently happening with the US Census.

As we speak, the US Census Bureau agents are pounding the pavements in the USA. Armed with their big, heavy device , the HTC Census running on an Intel Bulverde 416MHz processor [4] .Yes sir! The Census agents are getting on with their business with a ‘ I’m just doing my job’ attitude, as they capture your GPS front door coordinates. The catch cry of these public servants echoes the hand that feeds them , the USA Census Bureau . “What are we doing on your doorstep?” Ummmm, we are “Helping YOU make informed decisions” [5] screams the USA Census Agent and don’t you think anything else!

Each US Census Bureau worker is assigned a funky HTC Census – dual-band CDMA/EV-DO device with WiFi support and phone jack. The HTC Census is a phone cable and can be connected to a land-line network. The HTC Census is a data-only device and is biometrically protected to the user. [6] It is obvious the ‘worker Census bees’ have no problem with biometric harvesting and soldier on collecting GPS co-ordinates for the Queen bee.

Front and Bottom

Once the GPS [global navigation satellite system (GNSS) developed by the United States Department of Defense ] co-ordinates are matched to the mapping address , the HTC spits out a ‘you have successfully completed this address’ which motivates the Census worker bee onto the next address with the ultimate goal being to complete the entire list provided.

The little viewed YouTube video of the US Census Bureau, [7] depicts a lovely lady who courteously knocks on the door and introduces herself ” Hi ! My name is Elizabeth from the US Census Bureau . We are in the area today , verifying addresses for the 2010 census …here is a copy of our privacy act along with my purpose here today…What is your address? ….Is this also your mailing address…….Great…ok. Thanks, that sums it up ….if you don’t mind I’ll be up the front updating my maps” The Census worker thanks the house owner and they bid farewell to each other. How lovely! Now back to the real world , we all know we just witnessed wannabe actors and the best paying gig in town was the US Census ad. A brother has to go to eat and i’ts a reference for future acting roles so Ill stop being a hater.

The reality is, the US Census Bureau Agents are conducting themselves in a covert , shifty and stealthy manner . US citizens who have experienced the US Census Bureau agents first hand, have commented they seem untrustworthy, reveal very little when questioned and get the job done regardless.[7x] ‘Getting the job done’ means getting your GPS coordinates …But remember the US Census Bureau advertisement….”It’s easy , it’s Important , it’s safe!” …it’s safe!” Ahhhh, I feel better after drinking the GPS Census Kool Aid…

The US Census Bureau goes on to say “We honor privacy, protect confidentiality, share our expertise globally, and conduct our work openly. We are guided on this mission by our strong and capable workforce, our readiness to innovate, and our abiding commitment to our customers” Who exactly is this customer? A bit of a clue to our readers who are not up with history . The customer is NOT you, its DARPA, the CIA, FBI and other government agencies.

Let us remember these public servants responded to the US Census advertisement which read as follows:

“Thousands are needed for temporary jobs

Conducting the census is a huge undertaking. Thousands of census takers are needed to update address lists and conduct interviews with community residents. Most positions require a valid driver’s license and use of a vehicle. However, public transportation may be authorized in certain areas.” [8]

Would these temporary public servants be as gun ho if they were made aware that IBM had a dark and sinister story they were hiding in the blue chip closet?

What if the US Census advertisement read as follows?

“Conducting a military operation is hard work and GPS marking every door in America requires a hard worker ! Ideally you would not have studied history and specifically have not read IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black. You need to have persistent qualities even when abused but remember the data you collect will be extremely helpful to Lockheed Martin and IBM who may/may not pass on the data to government agencies for sinister purposes .”

If we stepped back in time , we would realise that census data is extremely powerful in anyone’s hands but what if those hands were Hitlers? Yes the infamous war criminal relied on IBM Census data in WWII to fuel the war machine. The census data provided illegally by IBM to Nazi Germany was used for planning invasion and occupation plans for Europe and provided key information to the NAZIs to exterminate the non compliant races.

Edwin Black, an award-winning, New York Times and international investigative author, painstakingly documented how IBM’s Dohemag subsidiary, overseen by Thomas J. Watson was an integral part of the Nazi killing machine by providing the necessary automation to ‘locate all the Jews of Europe’ . As the Third Reich embarked upon its plan of conquest and genocide, IBM and its subsidiaries helped create enabling technologies, step-by-step, from the Census , to identification and cataloging programs of the 1930’s to the selections of the 1940’s.[9]

We can only speculate that IBM was awarded the contract as they showcased a successful work history with US Census Bureau. IBM was founded in 1898 by German inventor Herman Hollerith as a census tabulating company[10]. Census was it’s business. Herman Hollerith (1860-1929) developed the tabulating system for the U.S. Census Bureau for compiling the 1890 Census. Hollerith’s patents were acquired by the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. (which later became IBM), and this work became the basis of the IBM Punched Card System. But when IBM Germany formed its philosophical and technological alliance with Nazi Germany, census and registration took on a new mission. IBM Germany invented the racial census–listing not just religious affiliation, but bloodline going back generations. This was the Nazi data lust. Not just to count the Jews–but to identify them.Hooray for IBM work experience and double hooray for an IBM proven track record!

“We appreciate the Census Bureau’s continued confidence in IBM to support their efforts,” said John Nyland, Managing Partner, IBM Global Business Services, Public Sector obviously reflecting on the fact “Working with our business partners, IBM is helping the Census Bureau with innovative approaches to flexible and timely data analysis and dissemination.” IBM is also supporting the Census Bureau as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin on the Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) 2010 data collection contract. Yes that’s right , the world’s largest defense contractor by revenue is working with IBM to ensure America is counted . But let’s not get alarmed…Let’s remember the US Census Bureau advertisement….”Its easy , its Important , its safe!…it’s safe!”

Lockheed Martin’s team was awarded the DRIS contract to:

• Receive, capture, and standardize census data provided by respondents via census forms and telephone agents;
• Provide assistance to the public through the telephone; and
• Receive standardized data collected via hand-held computers [11]

IBM’s subcontracting business partners for the US Census include BAE Systems, ESRI, Space-Time Research, SAS, M-Cubed, Roundarch, Dataline, FWG, Measurable Results, RCM, PKW, Fenestra, and Acumen Solutions. [12]

Let’s not forget ACORN, a group with a history of voter fraud, is also participating in the count, raising concerns about the politicization of the decennial survey.[13]

So what exactly are we alluding to in this article? Are we saying that IBM and Lockheed Martin have used temporary public servants to undertake their cloaked military GPS Census operation? Thats precisely what we are saying . Let us be crystal clear , if the US Census workers were armed with their GPS and dressed in IBM/Lockheed Martin military apparel , there would be an outcry and perhaps an awakening on what is happening to the constitutional rights of Americans. But IBM has shown great veiling expertise and US citizens have barely noticed a massively organized millitarization of their information quietly occuring, shrouded in a cloak and dagger US Census Burea marketing campaign. It can’t get any more intimate and personal than your front door GPS coordinates , can it? The question we must now ask , ‘Why are they doing this and what will they do with the information?’

Greg Nikolettos

Greg Nikolettos is a writer for We The People Will Not Be Chipped Movement [14] . A group of Neo Luddites who campaign for privacy and on the irrefutable fact that mankind has inalienable human rights that are absolute and can not be debased, nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a RFID chip number embedded under you skin under any circumstance.

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