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The Sun is Acting Strangely Again

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Notice the bright spot in the southern hemisphere of the sun.  That is a sun spot and is forming into a class B solar Flare.  Not a real big deal on the whole of it.  That spot is interesting enough but what you need to pay attention to is the dark area in the northern hemisphere of the sun.   That is a sign for an impending solar storm.  At present it is being reported that this storm will miss the earth.  I have been watching that area of the sun for the last 2 days and with the recent reports from the space weather people on this area now also I am a bit concerned.

Also with reports at www.abovetopsecret.com [2] from some of the sun bathers that the suns effects are “weird” or “strange”.  To include reports of sun burns or tanning occurring  faster then normal and people that say they never burn only tan actually getting burns instead of Tans.

I have checked locally with a few sun worshiping tanners and they seem to confirm these reports.  The Ladies at the pool have been complaining of sun burns in places that they never burn.  There has been in fact much talk about this around the pool.

I would recommend at this time everyone take all precautions against sun burn to include stronger sun screen, wearing a hat (tin foil may not be needed at this time but couldn’t hurt) and tinted glasses with good UV protection.




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