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The Swedish chaos – SD’s new election video

Speisa [1]
November 27, 2017

It is a dark and gloomy picture of Sweden the Swedish Democrats’ party leader Jimmie Åkesson paints in the party’s first election film ahead of the parliamentary elections in 2018.

And the criticism is harsh against those who Åkesson claims to be responsible for the current situation. The Social Democrats, the Moderates and the fake news mainstream media are specifically pointed out.

The Swedish Democrats has been excluded by the rest of the parties in the Swedish Parliament due to its restrictive stance on the disastrous immigration policies, and has on several occasions been called “Nazis” and “racists,” by both the fake news mainstream media and by the PM, Stefan Löfven himself.

“Our country is ill. The social democrats and liberals are doing everything they can to cover up the problems that their own policies have created in our society. Their reckless decisions, their unwillingness to evaluate the results of their policies and foremost, their lies, has created the society that we now are forced to live in. Right now preparations are being made for our largest electoral campaign ever. The elections are less than a year away!,” reads the description.