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The Threat of State Terrorism To America By The U.S. Deep State: Cracking The Chicago Code

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The Excavator
June 6, 2011

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We live in very scary and dangerous times. I am literally in panic mode all day, every day. All my thoughts are concentrated on what might happen to America and the Middle East if there is another false flag terrorist attack somewhere in America. I wrote last week that a new false attack in Chicago is not a far-fetched, tin foil hat theory. Read this post from Media Monarchy about more connections between the World Trade Center Towers and Chicago’s Willis (Sears) Tower.

I want you to know that we are all endangered. Our lives, security and freedoms are constantly threatened by the lying maniacs and criminal gangsters who have hijacked our governments in the West. They stage terrorist attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 to scare us into supporting a poorly planned, and poorly executed war on terrorism that should have never been waged.

Our freedom is history if we do not raise our voices and warn the state terrorists in the CIA, Pentagon, and Mossad that we know they exist, we know what they are doing to America and the West, and we will defend ourselves and our rights. These traitors and government thugs are making war on the people of America and the West. We can not be timid and pretend that we are not at war with a bunch of lying, power-hungry and insane tyrants who want more wars and more destruction.

If you want to stay willfully blind and believe the false narrative about 9/11 and the war on terror then go right ahead. It is your choice to believe the words of our backstabbing and dishonest government leaders. But know this: you will one day stand before God, and yourself, and you will have to accept personal responsibility for your choices in this life. You won’t be able to hide behind the lie that “we didn’t know 9/11 was an inside job, we didn’t know we were being conquered by traitors in our governments,” because people have been warning you from day one that 9/11 was done by leaders within the U.S. and Israeli governments.

It is a documented, scientifically proven, undeniable fact that 9/11 was a false flag attack committed by CIA and Mossad and blamed on the scapegoat Al-Qaeda to justify U.S. military aggression in the Middle East. You can’t argue with facts. Ask a scientist. Hold on to your myths and false beliefs like little children all you want, you can even go to the grave with them, but don’t pretend that you are right because in the real world science and facts have the last say.

In the West we have a romantic and naive view of spies and secret intelligence agencies. We see the James Bond films and think “cool” instead of taking steps to abolish these agencies because they have too much power. We have been brainwashed to see spies as the gatekeepers of democracy who defend the country from its enemies at all costs. But these very same intelligence agencies have within their ranks the greatest enemies to democracy, justice, peace, security and freedom in the West and the world. They are wolves dressed as sheep, blowing down our houses while pretending to guard them.

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Of course, ninety percent of people who work in the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and CSIS are patriotic and honorable citizens who honestly believe the bullshit their bosses feed them. They are kept out of the loop. But there is a core group of devilish, backstabbing, corrupt, treacherous and deceptive monsters who tell lies to the people, to politicians, and to the press in order to grab more power and stay relevant in the grand scheme of things. They invent enemies like “terrorists” and stage false flag attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 to hide the fact that they are obsolete.

Secret intelligence agencies were products of the Cold War and they should have been abolished when the Cold War ended. Instead of protecting the nation, they have been used to spy on anti-war protesters, control information and news that the people read, assassinate political leaders who threaten the status quo, and jump start wars by staging false flag attacks.

Double dealing spies play an integral part in what Professor Peter Dale Scott calls the “deep state.” The corrupt forces behind the deep state manipulate the press, bureaucracy and the public to protect their crooked private agendas and private interests. These forces are attacking the basic values and basic principles that America and other Western nations are based on, such as freedom, justice, the rule of law, and equality. They, and not Al Qaeda or Iran or Pakistan, represent a persistent and terrifying threat to America and the Western world.

America’s shadow state acts irrespective of presidents and major political actors. In fact, the shadow state helps politicians like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush to attain the highest levels of public office. Obama couldn’t end the wars in the Middle East even if he wanted to.

America’s corrupt and undemocratic deep state pulls Obama’s strings. He has no power. He is put there to carry out the will of the shadow state, and sell the scripted war on terror to the global public as a necessary war that must be fight to keep America free and safe from the manufactured threat of terrorism.

Professor Scott told the Voltaire Network in April 2011:

After almost two years of the Obama presidency, I have to conclude, regretfully, that the influence of the deep state, or more accurately what in my new book I call the American war machine, has continued to increase, just as it has under every US president since Kennedy. A key sign is the extent to which Obama, despite his campaign rhetoric, has continued to expand the scope of secrecy in US government, and especially to punish whistle-blowers: his campaign against Wikileaks and Julian Assange, who has not been charged yet with any crime, is without precedent in US history. I suspect that Washington’s fear of publicity is related to its awareness that US war policies are increasingly at odds with reality.

There are no excuses. Nobody can feign ignorance about the danger posed by shadow state terrorists. Professor Scott has alerted us to the threat of the deep state/war machine in Washington.

It is absolutely stupid and foolish to put blind faith in political leaders, governments, military generals, official organizations, journalists, and media companies. These people have lost all contact with God, with reality, with morality, with the law, with the people, with the world.

The devils behind the September 11 attacks believe they exist on a higher plane, that they are gods and the people are animals. So far, they have been proven right. Like sheep, millions of people have bought the official lies about 9/11 and refused to investigate the evidence for themselves.

Mass blindness and denial about the true nature of the 9/11 attacks has caused hundreds of thousands of innocent people to die. Every single death is a tragedy. Absent a revolution in America, even more tragedies lie in mankind’s future.

What will happen if the U.S./Israeli state terrorists bring down Chicago’s Willis Tower? Such an act of treason and horror will suck all blood out of the U.S. economy and American society.

The freaks in charge of the United States and Israel will pull out all the cards to ensure their own survival and power. They are playing high stakes poker with humanity. Mass violence and high treason is part of the game. America is considered their biggest enemy because they want to establish a new world order and a new global, dictatorial government upon a dead America.

Somehow, we must put a stop to this collective madness and end the war on terror or we will end up destroying this planet. All in the name of fighting “evil,” as George W. Bush put it. But the only evil that threatens the civilized world is the evil of war and the evil of war planners and war makers in the Pentagon, CIA, MI6, and Mossad. Their war on terrorism is a modern day witch hunt. The more the U.S., England, and Israel kill innocent people the more will people want to attack back. Violence creates more violence. State terrorism creates non-state terrorism.

I have nothing else to say. I wanted this article to be a CSI-type investigation into a possible false flag attack in Chicago but I got off track.

I will end this article by quoting the timely words of The Intel Hub’s Alex Thomas, who wrote last week:

We the people must let it be known that we will no longer stand for any form of false flag terrorism.Take note America, as we continue to lose our freedoms in the name of security, we have become more vulnerable than ever to a large scale false flag on par or more extreme than 9/11.

This article was posted: Monday, June 6, 2011 at 3:25 am

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