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The U.S./Israeli Endgame in The Middle East: Total War, Total Enslavement

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The Excavator
April 4, 2011

“When things come to this point, when all the springs are thus strained, war becomes desirable in order to bring about a release. Thus, in the physical world, at the approach of a storm, nature is in a state of tension so painful that the outbreak of the storm is desirable because it relaxes the exacerbated nerves and restores heaven and earth to peaceful serenity. And acute but short pain is preferable to prolonged suffering.” – Napoleon (From Napoleon’s address to the Austrian government in 1808, delivered by the French ambassador in Vienna; “The Mind of Napoleon”: pg. 207).

Nearly a full decade after 9/11, the Middle East is on the verge of totally exploding. Up to now we’ve witnessed small acts in the global war on terror which began when the power-mad sociopaths in the U.S. and Israeli shadow governments struck America in the biggest way on the biggest stage, and later told the biggest lie by falsely accusing Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda for the attacks. The war on terrorism is a propaganda cloak for more sinister and grander ambitions; and Al Qaeda is nothing but a Trojan Horse in a 21st century world war. The bigger drama has yet to begin: the showdown between US/Israel/Corrupt Arab Kingdoms and Iran/Hezbollah/Hamas in a region rich with resources, filled with tyrants, and bubbling with hatred and animosity. No side truly wants to make concessions, respect each other, and learn to peacefully cooperate, especially the U.S. and Israeli governments. As Napoleon stated two centuries ago, “When things come to this point, when all the springs are thus strained, war becomes desirable in order to bring about a release.”

Total war is the name of the game. The objective of the United States government is not to spread democracy or fight terrorism, but to transform the Middle East through war, destabilization, and other aggressive methods for regime change. Afghanistan and Iraq have already experienced America’s satanic will, which won’t stop until Lebanon, Syria, and Iran are in flames. Libya is also on the list. In other words, every nation that opposes U.S. dominance in the region is being attacked and enslaved. Richard Perle, one of the crazy architects of the Bush administration’s Middle East policy, is famously quoted as saying:

If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now.

Members of the Obama administration are not as rash as the neocons were, but they are no less extreme and dangerous. President Obama’s team of war advisors are willing to start a war with Iran and carry on the policy of total transformation of the Middle East, because otherwise they would appear weak to the Republicans and Israelis. Obama doesn’t have the balls or wisdom of John F. Kennedy who realized that the CIA leadership and war council was lying to him and pushing him into a full-blown war with Russia. Kennedy opposed them, and was killed months later because of his independent streak and high political popularity.

These days, there is no visionary and bold leadership in the White House. President Obama’s claim that the United States government is an anchor of global security and a defender of human rights will be viewed in the future as one of history’s biggest lies. In reality, the U.S. empire is the most belligerent, criminal, treacherous, deceptive, and inhuman entity on the planet. An empire that kills its own citizens and murders innocent people for no good reason must be destroyed, either from within or by outside forces.

Obama, who decided to speak for this evil empire because of his personal ambition and narcissistic personality, is a traitor of humanity and a war criminal. I don’t see him as an American, not because of the controversy over his birthplace but because he is a lying piece of shit who is stabbing his own country and his own followers in the back. Under his supervision, mankind may again be forced to witness a new horrific world war. The chess pieces are being moved into their places by the cunning minds in the U.S. and Israeli secret governments – moves which can’t be reversed, making total war inevitable.

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In Lebanon, the United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon is predicted to charge members of Hezbollah for the 2005 assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minster Rafik Hariri. In addition, Israel released a map last week of Hezbollah’s military and civil infrastructure and other bombing sites, presumably to mindfuck the Lebanese resistance group in case tensions rise between the two sides, which is guaranteed at this point because both sides are on a permanent war footing. Hezbollah believes it is being wrongly charged for the death of Hariri, accusing Israel and the U.S. for the UN’s politically motivated investigation, and will most likely retaliate either politically, diplomatically, or militarily. Last August, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that Israel was behind the assassination of Hariri, claiming that the aim was to create division in Lebanese society and drive Syrian troops out of Lebanon.

Also, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will change dramatically in September, when the United Nations General Assembly is expected to officially recognize a Palestinian state. Ethan Bronner reported in the New York Times on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011:

Efforts are still under way to restart peace talks but if, as expected, negotiations do not resume, come September the Palestinian Authority seems set to go ahead with plans to ask the General Assembly to accept it as a member. Diplomats involved in the issue say most countries — more than 100 — are expected to vote yes, meaning it will pass. (There are no vetoes in the General Assembly so the United States cannot save Israel as it often has in the Security Council.)What happens then?

Some Palestinian leaders say relations with Israel would change.

“We will re-examine our commitments toward Israel, especially our security commitments,” suggested Hanna Amireh, who is on the 18-member ruling board of the Palestine Liberation Organization, referring to cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli troops. “The main sense about Israel is that we are fed up.”

Mr. Shaath said Israel would then be in daily violation of the rights of a fellow member state and diplomatic and legal consequences could follow, all of which would be painful for Israel.

In the Haaretz newspaper on Thursday, Ari Shavit, who is a political centrist, drew a comparison between 2011 and the biggest military setback Israel ever faced, the 1973 war.

He wrote that “2011 is going to be a diplomatic 1973,” because a Palestinian state will be recognized internationally. “Every military base in the West Bank will be contravening the sovereignty of an independent U.N. member state.” He added, “A diplomatic siege from without and a civil uprising from within will grip Israel in a stranglehold.”

Any objective observer of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recognizes that the biggest barrier to peace and reconciliation is the siege mentality in the Israeli people, which is constantly reinforced by Israel’s manipulative leaders. The Israeli people believe that Israel can do no wrong, that it is the victim, but the discovery that 9/11 was planned and executed by U.S. and Israeli state terrorists for their own strategic and political goals will change this foolish belief, and help the Israeli people see that their leaders are not as moral and good as they present themselves to be, and that they are the most guilty of perpetuating the conflict and damaging the peace process.

Putting Lebanon and Palestine aside, the ultimate danger is a war between Israel and Iran. On April 2, 2011, David E. Sanger wrote in his article “The Larger Game in the Middle East: Iran”:

All the Arab turmoil has left many Israelis convinced that America and its Arab allies are too distracted to credibly threaten that they will stop the Iranian nuclear ambitions at all costs, even though Mr. Donilon has pledged that “we will not take our eye off the ball.” Inside Israel, a debate has resumed about how long the Israelis can afford to put off dealing with the problem themselves, fed by fears that Iran’s reaction to the region’s turmoil might be a race for the bomb. That could lead to the worst outcome for Mr. Obama — a war between Iran and Israel — and that consideration alone makes the case for the administration to see little room for error in handling the main act.

The fear of the Iranian bomb is not related to Israel’s security, it isn’t going anywhere, but the political ramifications of Iran being on equal footing with Israel in terms of military capability. A nuclear bomb is the best bargaining chip, and the best defense against a preemptive attack by America and Israel. Iran can’t be allowed to get a nuke because it would become a different enemy, and the power-driven hardliners in the U.S. and Israel would have to take a more cooperative approach with the Iranian regime. Such an approach is next to impossible because regimes that have practiced the art of war for the past six decades as the U.S. and Israeli regimes have done can’t transform into peacemakers. The U.S. and Israel are terrorist states, and they will remain terrorist states until they are changed from within by their people, or they are destroyed by nations who resist their hegemonic and criminally aggressive policies.

Exposing the truth about the 9/11 attacks is the only way to change the U.S. government from the inside, restore democracy and freedom in America, and bring peace to the Middle East. The hardliners in the U.S. and Israel can not allow the truth about 9/11 to be known and understood by the world because that explosive truth has the power to bring their barbaric and sinister agenda for total war to a halt, and force them to come to the table to negotiate and talk peace in a fair and just manner.

Anti-war voices who don’t have the courage to speak the truth about 9/11 should throw away their delusions that they can make change by starting from a false premise that was created by war criminals because anything but the truth won’t lead to a conclusive and just peace. The liberal Western intelligentsia who talk so much about anti-imperialism and democracy and the rule of law have so far proven to be gutless cowards and morons when it comes to 9/11 truth. Peace can’t be made without the courage to speak the truth, and the vision to see that the truth, once publicly accepted, will save lives and stop U.S. and Israeli war criminals from fully executing their demonic game plan for the Middle East.

This article was posted: Monday, April 4, 2011 at 5:05 am

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