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The UK will have web blocking regulations soon

Dave Neal
The Inquirer [1]
Thursday, February 9, 2012

THE UK GOVERNMENT SEEMS SET to implement some form of web site blocking, according to some bully bluster that has been heard within its walls.

Anyone who is anyone in power these days is banging on about web site blocking and in the UK, where ministers wag when the US barks, politicians are no different. Although it’s ‘bad’ when they are in opposition it’s ‘good’ when they are in power, and presumably when they are taking tea with entertainment industry lobbyists.

Yesterday the topic came up during a parliamentary hearing on intellectual property when a minister reminded those attending that Ofcom is looking at proposals about web site blocking.

The Minister of State for Business, Mark Prisk said that an announcement is “imminent”, according to the IPtegrity.com web site.

“We need an IP system that helps business and consumers to realise all the opportunities presented, which is why we are actively supporting the UK’s creators and the creative industries and why, to benefit creators, we voted in Europe to extend the term of protection for sound recordings from 50 to 70 years, and why we pressed to introduce measures to tackle online infringement of copyright through the Digital Economy Act 2010,” he said.

Full story here. [1]