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The US is still the fattest country in the world!

Daily Mail [1]
March 21, 2018

The US is still the fattest country in the world, research confirmed today. 

An analysis of official figures from 10 countries reveals that, on average, American men tip the scales at 196lbs (89kg).

Australians are the second-heaviest, coming it at around the 189lbs (86kg) mark, followed by men in the UK, who weigh roughly 186lbs (84kg).

The findings mirror a damning report issued in November, which saw the US top the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s league of overweight nations.

The new figures, compiled today by Forza Supplements, also delved into the life expectancy of men across the countries and how tall they are, on average.

Data showed a stark difference in life expectancy, with men in the US expected to die four years earlier than those in Japan and Australia.

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