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The Vaccination Nation Aggressors Are the Neocons of the Health World

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Karen De Coster
Lew Rockwell Blog
May 16, 2012

This imbecilic article, written by some unknown, crazed Vaccination Nation aggressor, was posted on my Facebook page, and it’s only worth my comment because it is … so utterly impotent. I don’t even care about the homeopathic nut who is the subject of the rant, or the unnamed author who can’t take on hard science, but instead, picks out the outlier dolts as a focus of his deranged attacks.

Note that the writer is named “Orac.” Really? Orac? And this moron is so unconvinced of his own trash writing that he can’t even put his name to the crap he writes, and this is supposed to be taken seriously? Apparently, some people who parrot this tripe just like to see their own opinions in print, no matter what the source. My real name, my biography, where I live, and my job/career are clearly conveyed along with every single thing I publish.

If the believers of this Orac person would have dared to check further, they might have discovered an entire archive written under a pseudonym attacking every and any choice outside of the mainstream medical establishment, from acupuncture, to chiropractic, no any non-chemotherapy cancer treatment, to … yes, supplements.

Now, back to the article. I love how the tediously conventional, pro-state vaccination nation mongers in the mainstream media deem individual thinkers and dissenters of the non-scientific, vaccine-pushing, Big Pharma state to be “anti-vaccine” and … “alternative medicine quackery.” Can they get any more idiotic than this? Oh, and those folks of choice who own their bodies and make decisions regarding their bodies are deemed to be “anti-vaccine loons” because they they don’t want their healthy body, or the healthy bodies of their loved ones, to be stuffed with the government-patented, high-profit, untested, unproven, toxin-loaded drugs of the Big Government-Big Pharma, corporate-state regime? How dare they!

Why do people go so effing crazy over the decisions of others to treat their bodies with loving care, according to their acquisition of knowledge and careful consideration? The crazed vaccination pushers are to the health and wellness paradigm what the neocons are to foreign policy, and what the jack-booted, machine-gun thugs in black are to the community of “serve and protect.” They are sick, crazed, and obsessed with the decisions others make regarding their own lives, and they couch their aggression and defense of the conventional garbage in collective, unscientific terms (such as “herd immunity”). The folks who wish to avoid vaccines churn out no such aggression or hostility. They just want to be left alone, and always, they are forced to defend themselves, and their bodies, from the agents of the government-medical-Big Pharma establishment.

Let’s think of the others who are considered to be lunatics by the pro-state aggressors and blind adherents of the establishment’s conventional wisdom: (1) anti-war, “non-patriot” lunatics (2) anti-TSA, anti-Patriot Act quacks (3) the financial meltdown, conspiratorial nutbags (Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, and Peter Schiff – shame on all of you!) (4) the anti-Federal Reserve, conspiracy theorist loons (5) anti-social, homeschooling weirdo freaks, and, oh … (6) and Ron Paul.

Looking at this article, is anything more funny than attacking “alternative medicine?” Really? The definition of alternative is “something available as another opportunity,” or “choice,” or “behavior that is considered unconventional and is often seen as a challenge to traditional norms.” And the problem with that is…? The problem is that the pushers of collective thinking can’t stand a dissident outlier.

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Those who deny the Government’s junk juice just want to be left the hell alone. Is that hard to understand? I used to end posts like this with, “I pity these people…” I don’t pity them anymore. I just live my own life peacefully, and I’ll be damned if my beautiful, healthy body will ever be their slave, or their experimental pincushion, or a collective victim of their hysterical, hateful hyper-aggression.


This article was posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 2:42 am

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