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The Watson Report: BP Oil Spill – Criminal Negligence or Deliberate Sabotage?

In this special video report for Prison Planet.tv members, Paul Joseph Watson analyzes the evidence for both criminal negligence and deliberate sabotage of the BP oil well and explores who is benefiting from the oil spill, both financially and politically.

Given the multitude of alarming examples of foreknowledge, motivation for sabotage, and clear evidence of deliberate malfeasance and negligence, state authorities in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi need to immediately launch a mammoth criminal investigation into the role of BP, Halliburton and the federal government in causing the oil spill disaster, as well as their continuing cover-up of the true nature of the crisis, in addition to their efforts to block local authorities as well as foreign companies from helping to both stop the oil leak and clean up the devastation it has caused.

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