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The Bilderberg



The raw power of those who decide what you can and cannot know is shown by the Bilderberg cover-up.


Exclusive to American Free Press

By James P. Tucker Jr.


Newspapers and network broadcasters are able to impose a nearly total blackout of the annual Bilderberg meetings in which they have such large interests.

Officials of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, all major news magazines and all major television networks have sent officials to attend these super-secret Bilderberg meetings on their pledge to report nothing.

Not only has this pledge been faithfully kept, it has been imposed on others. Associated Press carries no Bilderberg coverage because its major customers do not want such stories. AP operates like a farmers’ cooperative—big city papers pay much more for the service than those in small cities. Thus, the Bilderberg-controlled papers have economic leverage on AP.

Editors of small dailies depend on wire services for national, world and state news outside their own circulation area. They work hard to keep up with the city council and high school football team. Most have no idea that Bilderberg exists and, if they did, they would be outraged.

If 120 film stars or professional football players met secretly at sealed-off resorts surrounded by armed guards for three days, Bilderberg-controlled newspapers would go to great efforts to learn and report what transpired.

But when 120 of the world’s most powerful men—heads of state from Europe, international financiers, high officials of the White House, Treasury and Defense departments and congressional leaders meet to conduct public business in secret, they have no curiosity. U.S. taxpayers subsidize Bilderberg by paying transportation costs of federal officials—and they don’t fly coach.