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Bilderberg, reputedly the most secretive & high powered organization in the world met in Portugal at the beginning of June 1999. On 1st May 1999, The News was the first newspaper in the world to reveal the location of the 1999 meeting. Over a period of six our articles covered the run up to the meeting, the official guest list, the official (and unofficial) agendas and much more.

International power brokers meet to discuss global future
Bilderberg, reputedly the most secretive organisation in the world, comprising presidents, royal families, ministers, top industrialists and financial leaders are set to meet in Sintra at the beginning of June. Francisco Pinto Balsam?, former Portuguese PM, media baron and frequent attendee of the meetings is listed as the member for Portugal. The security for the Bilderberg meetings, which are held at irregular intervals and prompted by the state of world affairs, is the responsibility of the host country. According to sources in Washington, Bilderberg will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to reimburse the Portuguese government for deploying military forces to guard their privacy and for helicopters to seek out intruders.

Bilderburg meeting - wall of silence?
As revealed exclusively in The News last week, the Bilderbergs, reputedly the world's most secret society, are due to meet in Sintra next month. We have received e-mails from all over the world congratulating The News on making this information public. Yet in Portugal, as we closed the paper on Thursday, the press has remained tight lipped about this meeting, in spite of the fact that Portugal's national press agency LUSA decided to distribute The News' report to all the Portuguese media. More...

Bilderberg reports nearly crash The News Internet site
International interest in the upcoming meeting of the Bilderberg group in Portugal is so strong that our website was nearly brought down last week with visitors from all over the world trying to access our stories. From a normal rate of around 1,200 visitors a day reading the Electronic News, it peaked on 6th May with 128,769. Major news services such as World Net Daily linked through to our site, radio stations broadcast news about the reports and sites with specific interest in this organisation listed our publication. More...

Bilderberg Meeting - media blackout continues
With only two weeks to go before some of the world's most famous and influential men and women arrive in Portugal for the Bilderberg conference at Penha Longa in Sintra, little or nothing is known about their secret "world" agenda.

Bilderberg - international interest gathers momentum over revelations in The News
The tentative agenda for the Bilderberg meeting scheduled for June 3 to June 6 at the Penha Longa resort in Sintra has been revealed to The News by an internationally respected and long-serving Canadian researcher on the activities of this group. Amongst matters on the agenda are: Global governance, including a review on the progress in the formation of an Asian bloc under the leadership of Japan; The Kosovo war, including the formation of an "independent" Kosovo; The ultimate replacement of NATO with a Western European Army and the appointment of a Y2K (Year 2000) Czar (Mikhail Gorbachev could be a front runner for this post) to oversee global passage through the Y2K Emergency which they feel will be much worse than expected. Meanwhile, the only official "comment" The News could manage to obtain, was from the Bilderberg European Press Office in Amsterdam, confirming that just one press release will be issued on the first day of the "summit" (June 3). More...

Bilderberg - summit opens in Sintra under massive security
A massive security operation was launched in Sintra on Wednesday, in preparation for the arrival of some of the world's most powerful people. A special unit from the PJ (Judicial Police) was reported to be sweeping Penha Longa for listening devices late Wednesday. A film crew from the UK's Channel 4 were being trailed by a team of plain clothes police and security men after they attempted to film inside the hotel on Tuesday afternoon. Veteran Washington reporter and Bilderberg specialist Jim Tucker, a regular and unwelcome visitor at Bilderberg conferences since 1980, is also under constant surveillance. He told The News that he was spotted near the hotel by the Bilderberg security team. Since the Bilderberg meeting was first revealed by The News on May 1, scooping the world's media, the internet site of The News has been experiencing unprecedented international interest. In the last four days the site has accumulated over 368,000 hits, being linked to some of the largest media sites on the net. Only on Wednesday did the Portuguese media start to comment on the upcoming 'summit' in Sintra, despite the fact that the Portuguese press agency LUSA had alerted them to the story in The News four weeks ago. Much of the information now being published is relying heavily on The News reporting of this event over its last five issues. Guests confirmed by the Bilderberg Meeting to The News on Thursday morning included in alphabetical order; Pinto Balsem?, Conrad Black, Kenneth Clarke, Jo? Cravinho, Paulo Fresco, Mar?l Grilo, Richard Holbrooke, Henry Kissinger, Peter Mandelson, Vasco de Mello, Murteira Nabo, Her Majesty Queen of the Netherlands, David Oddsson, David Rockefeller, Richardo Salgado, President Jorge Sampaio, Rudolf Scharping. More...

Bilderberg - all over bar the whispering
The 47th Bilderberg Conference has come to an end. Members and one-off participants have departed as discreetly as they arrived. Lines of black limousines, unmarked except for a "B" on the windscreen, swept into Penha Longa, sometimes accompanied by police escorts, and sometimes not. Even the Bilderbergers have a pecking order. Britain's Peter Mandelson arrived in a bus. More...

Bilderberg - The News, the Portuguese press and the wall of silence
Following five weeks of incessant pressure from this newspaper, some of our colleagues in the Portuguese media put pen to paper last week and ran reports of differing prominence on the arrival of what we termed 'the world's most secret society' for their meeting in Sintra More...

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