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This, That, or the Other

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The Anatomically Correct Banana
May 14th, 2019

“A stagnant life’s a victory for the lover of life that never breeds
Perpetuate, obliterate those addicted to living on their knees
The dealers deplete you, the dealers beat you like a drum without a tone
You’re just skin and bones until you say no more
Unlike the silent machines who won’t settle the score
Unlike the lifeless objects they want you to be
You want your object, well you fucking got it
I could be the knife in your back
The noose around your neck
I could be the bullet racing through your skull but I’d rather be the force of my spoken word
Let your voices form the weapons
No silence
No compliance
In defiance of the rape of growth.”-
Have Heart, “The Machinist”

On the Right, we take it as axiomatic that communism is unworkable and flies in the face of human nature; its horrors are well-documented (though obscured in mainstream discourse by politicians, historians, academics, and the media for a century-plus), but the false dilemma is one of a choice between oppressive totalitarianism, full systemic control, and genocidal slaughter on the one hand and…the same thing on the other via capitalism. The roads and methods may differ, but the destination is the same, and besides, the atrocities committed by the USSR, for example, would never have been made possible without Western state assistance and, more crucially, Western (read: Jewish) capital.

There is a third way, however, and it has been so effective as to become the basic default for almost the entirety of the West and huge chunks of the rest of the planet, and that is neo-liberalism. The two ideological “poles” of communism and capitalism produce a lot of meaningless chatter, but in reality, unless one lives in Brooklyn or attends Bard College, communism as an ideology is totally discredited, dalliances with “Democratic Socialism” excepted, though the vast majority of these people simply carry water for the neo-liberal establishment. Generally their sentiments revolve around regurgitated Cultural Marxist dogma and more taxes on middle- and working-class white people because “privilege.” Possessing intelligence around one standard deviation below the average American, their thought process is pretty much whatever their handlers tell them it is. Occasionally their inter-sectional identities create problems for the establishment, such as Ilhan Omar’s criticisms of Israel and AIPAC, but they are generally minimized and mitigated. I can’t say what goes on behind the scenes for sure, but she has at press time returned to the safe zone of anti-white boilerplate.

Similarly, Bernie Sanders, who despite being a buffoon addressed genuine working class concerns and raised important questions about wealth inequality and the privations of Wall Street, seems to have been co-opted and is running a campaign around the same manufactured social issues as the rest of the Democratic field. This noise obscures real issues going on caused primarily by global capital. The public-private debate is another false dilemma. The state is run as a corporation by and for corporations and banks. Real nations with racial and ethnic identities, traditions, and values have become, to paraphrase Battle Beagle, nothing but GDP farms. Screaming about privilege and various inequalities which are easily explained by biological differences between the races and sexes masks the real inequalities generated by a society predicated on nothing but corporate tax cuts and investment banking. Brown people are being exploited, but not in the way the establishment spins it. White people are being exploited, too, and blacks, and yellows, and reds…If there is a commonality between the races, it’s this: we’re all being fucked.

The difference is, in Western nations, indigenous whites are being targeted for oblivion, and the government bestows special privileges in hiring and college admissions and whites’ largess via taxes on, and a dual legal system that grants special latitude to, non-whites. In their own countries, however, self-determination is not allowed. Any nation that tries to wander off the neo-liberal plantation is either destroyed or quickly brought to heel, or else feels the combined weight of the globalist establishment in the form of economic sanctions, media vilification, espionage, et cetera. The ultimate goal is the erasure of all distinct groups of people into a global mélange of deracinated serfs, minus one group of course. They bemoan terrorism in the country they stole, yet facilitate it abroad! In addition to the Jewish role in transformative immigration across the West, their use of the Western military apparatus to wreck and Balkanize every non-compliant country in the Middle East has generated millions of real refugees who have to go somewhere, and whose numbers are then swollen by multiples with economic migrants.

Once in the West, these asylum-seekers drain the host country’s resources while terrorizing the native populace, which is perfect for the consumer economy and for keeping people cowed and demoralized. In Germany, these “migrants” have a crime rate 7.3 times higher than native Germans. In 2017, 54% of the prison population of Austria was of foreign origin. 40% of Italy’s rapes are committed by foreigners. 44.5% of those incarcerated in Belgium’s prison system are non-citizens; in Luxembourg the number is an astronomical 73%. Similar dramatic overrepresentations of foreign offenders can be seen in Greece (54.3% of the prison population consists of foreigners), Malta (40.2%), Italy (34.3%), Germany (31.3%), and Sweden (30.9%). 20.8% of the UK prison population is Moslem—an astounding overrepresentation compared to their share of the population. The European Union security apparatus basically does not exist: 90% of all Moslem terrorist attackers were known to authorities beforehand. There are, at a conservative estimate, 5,000 active jihadis in the European Union right now, and at a more liberal estimate that number is 50,000. The UK has an enormous 30,000 individuals on its terror watch-list. Incidentally, in the UK, the concern is less on these terror suspects and grooming gangs and more on arresting people for social media posts. When their control of the information supply begins to loosen, when their narrative begins to show serious cracks, the “liberal democracies” must resort to more draconian measures, such as imprisoning political dissidents, but in the most gutless and cowardly manner possible, without coming out and calling them dissidents. Their censorship follows along the same lines, and the very ruined society they have created does, too. As James Mason asks:

Who is a terrorist? When considering the hundreds of thousands of elderly Whites who are frightened to death inside and outside their homes on an unending basis because the System coddles and protects the criminal element officially, is that not terrorism? Brainwash and taste-making aside, when any individual knows clearly in his or her own mind that to buck the Jewish-liberal inspired consensus on everything from race to sex habits will lead to public ostracism and loss of employment, if not outright legal prosecution, is that not terrorism? Kids brutalized and intimidated on a daily basis, year in and year out, because of savages they are forced into school buildings with because of government policy—is that not terrorism? Millions of White workers struggling against losing odds with taxes and inflation, facing loss of homes and all forms of security, oftentimes wondering where food is going to come from or where the winter heat will come from because of the official Jewish-Capitalist economy and the Mafia-style Internal Revenue Service—is this not terrorism? Yes, it most definitely IS terrorism and on a monumental scale! Worse than that, it is terrorism without the guts to present itself as such.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

This is the third way of neo-liberalism, responsible for the convergence at the top with the ruling class but tirelessly policing the bounds of acceptable discourse so your options are Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk on one side, and Anita Sarkeesian and Don Lemon on the other, with Dave Rubin playing referee. How does that kosher sandwich taste?

While the freaks and degenerates in academe and the media continue to push all kinds of filth and depravities and sexual acts and positions, there is one position they will never discuss: the Third Position. In contrast with the broadly economically right-socially left paradigm of neo-liberalism, Third Positionism is broadly economically left-socially right, or, as Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson have called it, “the sweet spot.” People are not slaves to the market: the market must serve the needs of the people. Though the libertarian skepticism of the state is well-founded, as with conservatism, its only purpose, in the end, is to be crushed by the opposition’s will-to-power. One must have power in order to restrain its use in the first place. Conservatism is reactive and can only mirror, and is thus always doomed to defeat. Libertarianism is worse than useless for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is that is has no answer to the existential threat posed by the so-called private sector. Furthermore, as with neo-liberalism, everything in libertarianism is filtered through a materialist lens. The market becomes all.

Instead of focusing solely on consumption and materialism or, as is the case with conservatism, fetishizing defeat, the Third Position does conserve the foundations and the essence of the nation, does allow for material well-being although this is not the primary focus but rather a by-product, and does facilitate a harmonious and balanced society. This starts with the basic acknowledgement that men and women are different yet complementary and not in competition, that children are our greatest resource, that people trump ideology and dogma, and that, perhaps most crucially, the nation is and must always be its people. That is, a Hungary of and for Hungarians, an Estonia of and for Estonians, and an America of and for Americans. Anything else leads to fracture and strife, and is an affront to providential will. These are common threads that are universally conducive to responsible governance and to serving the best interests of the nation-state and its people. As Polybius wrote in his Histories:

There are two things fundamental to every state in virtue of which its powers and constitution become desirable or objectionable. These are customs and laws. Of these the desirable are those which make men’s private lives holy and pure, and the public character of the state civilized and just.

Our state is anything but civilized and just, and men’s private lives scarcely exist. To quote Hal Jaffe, “The spectacle has metastasized.” Degradation, debasement, and moral turpitude define this age of excess. Men are naught but widgets in the economy, aliens and a bloated police state are used to terrorize citizens, and children are thrown into the furnace as sacrificial offerings to Ba’al. For a few shekels, you can be re-made into your own private delusion made public, for what is modernity but a panopticon?

The reality is this: we live under an occupation government fully committed to population replacement and completely beholden to globalist corporate and financial interests. In the face of the preponderance of evidence we have before us, there can be no other conclusion than that the true power players know exactly what is going on and are motivated by two things: malice and greed. It is often difficult for people to accept that our rulers could be this corrupted. Even the communists who slaughtered their own people never went so far as to replace them. Only in the early USSR did something similar occur, but this was not so much a product of the Russians or Ukrainians exterminating themselves, though there were many who were complicit, but of a hostile minority within their midst seizing power and using the state apparatus against its host.

Liberalism may have “defeated” communism, but the principle actors are largely the same, and this time they’ve had far longer to manipulate the host population into actively despising itself and facilitating its own demise. It is a newer and more lethal animal for a new century, having learned the lessons of Weimar (don’t accelerate too quickly) and the USSR (don’t be too conspicuous, don’t under-feed but rather over-feed), and is a terrifying hybrid of the worst excesses of late-stage capitalism and velvet-gloved Eastern Bloc totalitarianism, buttressed by anarcho-tyrannical conditions (Antifa, jihadis, and melanin-enriched criminals terrorize dissidents and even average citizens with impunity on the one hand, while 419 years in prison await you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong ideas and skin color on the other) and cult-like self-policing by the ruled. Additionally, from the mid-twentieth century on, the people of the USSR experienced a kind of permafrost, their cultures frozen in time while liberalism and free trade began to corrode the West into a debased materialism, and the removal of impediments to goods also helped facilitate ever-increasing numbers of alien peoples into the West for cheap labor while industry was, in the latter part of the century, dismantled and outsourced.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the most significant counterbalance to global capital was removed, and the carrion of the USSR was picked over by internationalists and domestic but ethnically alien oligarchs, perhaps most pronounced in Russia. Only with the rise of Vladimir Putin did the “Wild West” period of unbridled capitalism at the price of Russia’s soul come to a close. While not perfect, the Putin regime is at present one of the few bastions against neo-liberalism in the world today. To understand the conflict in the Ukraine, it is vital to understand not just the ethnic component, but this fault-line between neo-liberalism and ethnic self-determination. “Communist” China is not much of an impediment to the spread of neo-liberalism, for though it is insular in many respects and aggressively seeks to advance Han ethnic interests, it remains very much “open for business” while enacting its neo-colonial agenda. In many crucial ways, the Chinese are actually vital to the neo-liberal system.

Beyond the often superficial tensions between communism and capitalism, the centrality of globalization and the spread of free trade is the real story of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points to modern American “nation-building.”[1] The struggle for ethnic self-determination and liberation from Mammon and the intervention of Market Forces defines World War II, not some ridiculous “Holocaust.” Contrary to the narrative, Germany was peacefully extricating itself from the global economy, a state of affairs that simply could not stand. As Kerry Bolton writes:

Roosevelt states a major factor in the war against Germany was the Reich’s success in negotiating what was becoming a self-sufficient trading bloc based on barter; thereby taking states out of the international trade and financial system.

Further, for Bolton:

Roosevelt wanted the predatory economic system to prevail over the world by the elimination not only of the Reich, but also of all the Allied empires that he equated with the Reich. Today this is called “globalization,” and we are having ever more wars—against Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and so on—to impose this system while the so-called “color revolutions” funded and instigated by the Soros network, the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, Freedom House, and a myriad of other globalist organizations, subvert and topple regimes that are reticent about opening up to globalization.

Hence why Iran finds itself squarely in John Bolton’s crosshairs and why the “classical liberals” screech about women’s liberation from mandatory head coverings and modesty laws, totally ignorant of the context of which they speak. To be fair, the genital mutilation practiced in many places across the Islamic and tribal Equatorial world is never acceptable, but many of the mores, customs, and laws in place help protect these societies from the corrosive influence of a liberalism gone completely un-hinged. It’s why the Eastern European countries have been less susceptible to mass immigration, irreligiosity, decadence, and consumerism. It’s also why the European Union targets nations like Hungary and Poland with harsh economic sanctions and tries to impose migrant quotas on others like Croatia and Bulgaria. All particularist regimes which protect the interests of their people, whether Left or Right, from Cuba to Iran to Venezuela to Russia, must be washed away in the awesome septic tide of neo-liberalism.

This article was posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 6:22 am

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