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Thousands of Russians march in protest over Vladimir Putin and the economy

Adrian Blomfield
London Telegraph [1]
Sunday, Feb 1, 2009

Thousands of Russians have marched in protests demanding the resignation of the prime minister, Vladimir Putin, for his handling of the country’s flailing economy.

The biggest display of public disaffection with Russia’s normally popular prime minister prompted a violent response in Moscow, the capital.

Pro Kremlin youths brutally beat some protestors, while others were detained, including Eduard Limonov, a prominent Kremlin critic and leader of the outlawed National Bolshevik Party.

But the largest turnout was in Vladivostok, the focal point of anti-government protests over the past six weeks.



A protest march led by Communist party officials and civil rights leaders was allowed to go ahead at the last minute in an apparent change of heart by the Kremlin. A rally last month was violently dispersed by riot police, and over 200 people were detained.

The march was sanctioned on the condition that demonstrators kept off the road, carried no banners and chanted no slogans.

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