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Top Secret America: Google Launches Cover Up Of ‘Google Spies’ Story

UPDATE – 6.18pm CST: There is some debate going on in the comments about the way Google Trends functions, with individuals questioning the evidence that our key terms were deliberately removed. As we made clear on the Alex Jones show today, the terms ‘Google spies’, and ‘Obama deception censored’, from the previous day, were “volcanic” – that means hundreds of thousands, if not millions,  were searching the terms, sending them to number one on the charts. While other terms remain in the top 20 all day, our terms were completely erased and memory holed within 30 minutes.

At time of writing, the term Alex asked users to search on today’s show ‘Google Launches Cover Up’ remains in the top 10 trends,  a full six hours after he made the announcement, indicating that Google has not repeated its previous actions of completely removing the term almost immediately.

Censorship ongoing, the free internet is under sustained attack

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Jul 20th, 2010

The ongoing saga with Google censorship has continued today as it emerged that once again the search engine giant removed a key term from it’s trends pages.

Alex Jones yesterday asked his readers and listeners to send the term ‘Google spies’ to the top of the trends charts in the latest effort to fight back against the company’s censorship of his films on YouTube [1].

The term related to a story we prepared [2] detailing how Google is intimately linked with U.S. intelligence and has a history of censorship and surveillance.

Within a short time the term had hit the top spot with the “volcanic” status added (see below – click for enlargement).


As you can see, the effect of the term being pushed to the top of the trends charts is that bloggers and journalists pick up the story and begin to document it. A snowball effect ensues and millions of people all over the world are more likely to be directed toward the story.

However, within half an hour the term had been completely removed by Google and resulted in no news story links. These actions replicated Google’s activity in the days beforehand when it removed other terms such as ‘The Obama Deception’, ‘Infowars’, ‘Fall of the Republic’ and ‘Google Censorship’ – which had all become some of the most searched topics on the internet.

This is the epicentre of the infowar. Events over the past couple of days have shown that you, our readers, have the power to take the issues we cover and literally make them the widest read items on the internet.

Today we urge you to search the term ‘Google Launches Cover Up’ to make this article one of the most widely read on the internet.

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Top Secret America

In the week that the Washington Post published it’s ‘Top Secret America’ piece, a two year study that reveals how the intelligence community has explosively expanded, there is an increased focus on the spook networks in the U.S. and the implications for that has for liberty.

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