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Town near Sandy Hook launches $25 violent video game buy-back

Robby Soave
Daily Caller [1]
Jan 4, 2013

A Connecticut town thirty miles from Sandy Hook will give people $25 to incinerate their violent video games.

Southington, Connecticut is encouraging owners of violent video games to deposit them in a local dumpster near a drive-in movie theater, so that the games can be collected and destroyed. In return, the local Chamber of Commerce will give participants $25 gift cards to be used toward purchases of non-violent entertainment.

The Violent Video Game Return Program has the backing of a diverse coalition of groups, including the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, fire department, board of education, as well as town officials and clergy members.

The program was born out of a desire to respond proactively to the recent shooting at Sandy Hook elementary that left over 20 children dead, which some say was caused in part by violent video games.

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