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Trump: ‘Biden Understood How To Kiss Obama’s Ass’

“It’s 100% true.”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 11, 2019

At one of his trademark rallies Thursday, President Trump tore into the Biden family, charging that Joe Biden was only considered a good Vice President because he was a complete kiss-ass.

Appearing in Minneapolis, Trump first targeted Hunter Biden, asking “Where the hell is he? Where’s Hunter?”

“I have a new idea for a T-shirt. I love the cops, but let’s do another T-shirt: Where’s Hunter?” Trump added.

The President cited reports concerning the younger Biden’s alleged pay offs by a Ukrainian gas company and by the Chinese.

Turning his attention to Joe Biden, Trump ranted “And your father was never considered smart. He was never considered a good senator. He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass!”

As the audience exploded into rapturous applause and laughter, Trump bellowed “It’s true.”

The President then pointed out the press corps and declared “They are always saying the same thing. President Trump made a totally unsubstantiated claim about Hunter Biden and his father. It’s not unsubstantiated, you crooked sun of a guns. It’s 100% true.”

Elsewhere during the rally, Trump targeted Rep. Ilhan Omar, and questioned Minnesotans reasoning for voting her in office.

“I know the people of Minnesota. I want to tell you, and I also at the same time, it’s both a question and a statement, how the hell did that ever happen!?” Trump said, referring to Omars election. “How did it happen?” he repeated.

He added, “How do you have such a person representing you in Minnesota?” adding “I’m very angry at you people right now.”

Calling Omar  a “American-hating socialist,” Trump said “She is a disgrace to our country, and she is one of the big reasons why I’m going to win and the Republican party is going to win Minnesota in 13 months.”