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Trump: Clinton Is “Resting” For Three Days Before Debate, Not Prepping

“She wants to build up her energy for Sunday night”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 7, 2016

GOP nominee Donald Trump took another swipe at Hillary Clinton’s health Thursday, telling supporters that she has disappeared for four days, not to prepare for Sunday’s debate, but to rest and build up her stamina.

“And by the way they were saying ‘this is practice’ for Sunday. This isn’t practice — this has nothing to do with Sunday,” Trump told supporters in New Hampshire.

“We are just here because we just wanted to be here. And you know Hillary frankly — they talk about debate prep — that’s not debate prep, she is resting.” the GOP nominee said.

“And I want to be with the American people, I want to be with the people from Hew Hampshire and she wants to rest,” Trump added.

“She wants to build up her energy for Sunday night, and you know what, that’s fine,” Trump said.

Trump explained that the rally was not serving as debate prep for himself, responding to reporters who made the charge.

“‘Donald Trump is going to New Hampshire to practice for Sunday,’” he said. “This has nothing to do with Sunday—they make you, like, a child.”

“That narrative is so foolish. I’m here for one reason: I love the people of New Hampshire. I said I was going to be here and I’m here, very simple.” he noted.

“This was set up a little while ago. They were going to cancel it, and I said, ‘Why are you going to cancel it? You want to debate prep— I said, ‘Forget debate prep,’ give me a break,” Trump said. “You really think Hillary Clinton is debate prepping for three of four days? Hillary Clinton is resting, OK, she’s resting.

Commenting on the upcoming debate this Sunday, Trump admitted that he didn’t he go after Clinton as much as he could have on a personal level in the first debate.

“I did hold back,” Trump said, saying that the debates should be reserved for policy matters, not personal attacks.

“I’d much rather it be on policy,” Trump noted. “I didn’t like it getting into the gutter.”

According to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll, Clinton and Trump are now in a statistical tie in New Hampshire, which is thought to be a must-win swing state for Trump.